Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ok, I'm really back this time!!!

Greetings Love,

How is everybody doing? Fine I hope, Well Thanksgiving will be here soon, and I can't wait to eat some stuffing, I mean I want it right now, all that other food they can keep, but I only want some good ole stuffing...LOL

I never cooked a holiday meal, not once in my life, but since I'm in the process of moving into my own place, I will try and cook something for Christmas.

I want it to be something different, basically I'm tired of the same traditional holiday food, I think I may look and search for a good vegetarian holiday meal to prepare since I plan on becoming vegetarian soon.

My family and I will be moving to our new apartment on December 1st, and I can't wait! We were suppose to be or should have relocated to Atlanta this year, but something happen, which delayed our move. I haven't given up on the move totally, but we delayed it until Spring of 2011!!!

What my husband and I wanted to do was to continue staying with my mother until Spring of 2011, so that we can save money, and also to keep us from constantly moving, I got tons of books, and I'm not in the mood to keep transporting them books from location-to-location, I mean I don't really move them, my husband do, and he have a bad back, so it's not good for him either.

Ok, so my mother for half of this year were saying she wants her own place, and all that crap, but the thing was neither I or my husband were financially able to move out on our own yet.

We prayed that God would bless us with a full-time job, so that we could move into our own place, and we were going to be out, we couldn't wait. My mother is a depressed person, and she have like these crazy and different personalities that we can't deal with. My girlfriend said maybe she's Bipolar or something, I don't know, I just wanted to move.

Ok, so moving on, God have blessed me with a great job,and I love it!
I was like ok, we can move now honey,(that's what I told my hubby) I was referred by a family member about a basement apartment in her building, looked at the place, liked it, and we got it!

My mother is in the process of moving also, we are all sharing a 3-bedroom apt, and she's looking for a 2-bedroom and so am I, but guess what?

She haven't found a place yet, and we have to be out of this place by December the 5th, time is counting down!

Ok, since I would say.. around May of this year, she's been plaining to move, (my mother)and leave us here, she have packed, called people about apartments, and all that good stuff, but really... she never saved money to move, and we signed the lease again. Let me say this also, about once a year, she gets bored and wants to move, she will find something wrong with her apartment and will move. My grandmother say she's not stable...Anyway...

The thing with my mother is, when she's depressed, she wants to make everyone around her depressed as well. It worked on my husband, but not for me, I believe in God, and I have faith that he would pull us through, and he truely did!

My husband have been stressed already, because he wants to work, and be the provider for our family, he's been looking for a job for awhile, so that automatically made him depressed. God has blessed him with gifted hands, this man can repair, and build anything, so we are in the process of starting a small business, using his skills.

Like Madam C.J. Walker once said..."Don't sit down and wait for opportunities to come....Get up and make them"

Ok, back to what I was saying...My mother was thinking that she could move in with my grandmother & brother, while saving her money to move into her own place, but guess what? My grandmother don't want her there:-(.....So,

She looked at me, and said...Im'ma live with you until I find a place, and I looked at her and said...No you're not!!....Yall should have seen her face...LOL

Can yall understand why I said no? Again, half of this year she have been stressing about wanting her own place and wanting us to move out on our own, making it very stressful for us, and knowing damn well my husband and I have been trying to find jobs, and I was working part-time, paying half on just about everything I could, we provided our own food, and we cleaned up! I mean my husband did stuff for her, my brother wouldn't and still will not do, everything she asked him to do, he will do it! She talked bad about my husband to my brother, and my grandmother, she even told me, that she's moving, and my boys & I can come, but not my husband, it was a mess, but God pulled us through child, Amen to that people!

Now look at her, yall should see her (I wish you could see her) she is very depressed now, yall don't understand, how she stressed us out with her different personalities, her threating to move on us, and look who needs who now, you see God don't like ugly and he sure ain't crazy about pretty!

I know she's my mother, and I love her, and I would pray for her, but I can't live with her any more. I'm not depressed, and I don't want that spirit around me or my family.

Although, she is a Gemini, and I here that they have many personalities (sorry Gemini's) I can't deal with that, it's a energy drainer, and I'm not dealng with it!

So, let me ask you...

Would you allow your parent to move in with you for awhile, even though she/he basically made your life a living hell while living with her?

I want to hear from you...Talk 2 me!

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah