Monday, December 29, 2008

Joke of the Week!

After dozens of very expensive tests and weeks of hospitalization, the rich old man was told he had only 24 hours to live.

He immediately called his doctor and his lawyer to his room. He asked the doctor to stand by one side of his bed and his lawyer to stand by the other.

After standing for some time, the doctor asked "What do you want me to do?" "Nothing. Just stand there."

A while later, the lawyer asked "What do you want me to do?" "Nothing. Just stand there."

As the hours wore on, the doctor and the lawyer watched the man weaken. When his time had almost arrived, the doctor and the lawyer again asked "Why are we standing here?"

"Well," said the old man, "Christ died between two thieves, so I thought I'd do the same!

Happy New Year!
Brown Sistah

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Got Money!

I received a letter from H& R Block one day last week, stating that I can get up to $1000.00 on a loan and I guess it will be deducted from my income tax return or I will have to pay the money back monthly until it's paid off, anyway, I waited for like a couple of day before I decided to do it.

Today, Today Ladies & Gentlemen I decided to walk my but up there to H&R block and it was a couple of blocks, well it was about 13-15 blocks in the snow, it only took me about 30mins, but still I was walking in all that snow, I really needed that cash...LOL

So, I Thank God that I was able to qualify for something, I got my cash on the H&R Block card and I was on my way.

So at least I'm able to may two bills to help my mother out, because a sistah not working at the moment, I'm just starting a business that I can do from home, that will allow me some money and the fun thing is I got to work it! I'm excited about working the business, because it's my business, I'm setting the time I want to work and I determined how much I want to be paid and I'm very excited about that.

I understand that the economy is temporary bad at this time, but I still believe the business will still be successful and in another post I will discuss what the business is, but I can give you a hint.
It has to do with ALL Natural Products! The products are outstanding and people need them.

Any how, I'm about to take off, because a sistah is hungry, I'll talk 2 you good people soon and ooooh yeah Merry Christmas and be safe!

Peace & Love,
Brown Sistah!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow,Cold & Lazy!

It's like 2-3 inches of snow outside, it's cold and I'm feeling very lazy, I walked my 7yrs old to School today and I almost turned back around, because it's a mess outside and people here in Chicago, tends to still drive fast in this snowy & icey weather. It's makes me mad, I just want to throw a snowball at their car.

I had a 2 do list for today, but have I started it, Nope!
I can't help it, I'm soooo lazy today:-(
I'm starting to write a teen book, along with my oldest son and that was on my 2 do list.
I'm cold, my bedroom is the coldest in the house, maybe because I have the most windows in the house. I have a little heater and it's not working very well, my next thing to do is, putting some plastic up to my windows to block out the air. It better work!

Why the drug dealers still out working their shift in the da** cold & snow? Crazy!!!

I need somebody to tell me if this is true...Birds in the feather, Flock together.
The reason I ask, is because Me, myself, will never hangout with a drug user, a hooker, negative people anybody that is not Inspiring. I'm not judging people, I'm just saying, I take my life, my dreams, my goals, my plans in life very seriously. I got dreams dammit and I'm not going to hangout with people who don't share the same interest as I. You like to get high off of drugs, I don't. So, Why would I hangout with you and my dream is to become a successful writer, publisher and also a business owner. I Love to stay inspired, I get my inspiration from God, positive people in my life, reading the Bible and reading inspiring books, also from believing. I believe I can accomplish anything and I will not allow anyone to take that away from me.
My whole reason for saying this is because my husband hangs with people, I don't approve of and his way of thinking is jacked-up. We have dreams, but always speak and think negative about them and I try to be encouraging, but he fails to listen so I told him to keep his thoughts to himself, I don't need no negative speaker around me and honestly sometimes I think we are not going to be married long, because we have different outlooks on life. Ok, enough of this...
I just read this today and decided to share...

When God gets ready to bless you, He doesn't ask anybody if He can do it. He just blesses you anyway.

I'm done now, Have a good one!
Brown Sistah

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

African American Books for Children & Teen

Greetings My Blog Family, I decided to open a online Bookstore only for my African American people, if you not African American, hey I'm sorry, but you can still purchase some books if you like. There are a large selection of books to choose from & at reasonable prices. Purchase your children some books for a nice Christmas Present, I'm sure they would enjoy it!

Take a look at some of the books I have.

To Log onto my website Click here>

Make sure you get online and purchase your children, your friends children, and your family children some books TODAY!

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!

The other day I log onto the Amazon website and I saw the most beautiful shoes, I was really shock to see these shoes on Amazon, but honesty the only time I visit Amazon is when I purchase books. Am I the only one new to Amazon shoes?
Check Out these shoes I thought was very lovely on Amazon, I didn't get the name of the designer, please forgive me, but I'm sure once you log onto the Amazon website, you can see for yourself:-)

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

Aries Horoscope for Today!

Aries Horoscopes

(Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Saturday, Dec 13th, 2008 -- If you are feeling physically depleted today, rest assured that your energy will return. Instead of pushing yourself to remain busy when you don't feel like doing much at all, listen to what your body is telling you. You'll be able to enjoy yourself much more once you decide that chilling out is an okay thing to do. Even you active Aries need to take a break sometimes.

Brown Sistah