Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Wants Some Clean House? Me!

My family and I are about to move into our own apartment pretty soon and I'm very excited about that, because right now were living with my mother and we have been since we relocated back here from Dallas, and that was in October 2007. I always wanted our own, but my husband kept stating, your mom is going to need us here with her, and the reason he says that is because my mother have 2 foster children, she adopted, their brothers and sisters, very hard headed and the girl is 12yrs old, but think she's 18yrs (yelp one of those) lmao, the place were living in is, well were very over crowned and I need my own space, my privacy, my own everything, you get what I'm saying? it took for a situation to happen here, to make my husband change his mine about living with my mother. I was going to leave him right here with her, because Brown Sistah was moving. Yelp, yes I was and watch how fast his azz would have came

I spent just about the entire day cleaning my bedroom up, I was only suppose to packing somethings, but I did a real good cleaning job and I'm proud of myself, it's like Ms. Niecy and her crew came all up in here and cleaned some sh**

I'm excited, we are moving into our own, we plan to stay at our new apartment for about 2-3yrs to save for a home, your girl got plans. yeaaaaaah!

Peace & Love,
Brown Sistah!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rebate Checks!

This is a Brown Sistah Story!

What's up? I don't get a Check Mr President...

It looks like I might not be receiving a rebate check, because I haven't worked much in 2007. Talk about a pissed off sistah, shiiiiiiiit I was ready 2 fight. *(I was under the 3,000 limit) So that's why Brown Sistah is not receiving a rebate check, but I'm cool:)

A sistah was waiting on that

Luckily, my husband will be receiving one, so that would make it ours:) Your money is my money to

He or should I say we, received the statement in the mail last Friday, but we still haven't seen no $, Where Is our money? Mr. President or Mr. IRS, Where is our Money?

We the people of United States of America, who are temporary out of cash and we are searching for OUR rebate check, because really, it's already but we still would like to feel it in our hands.

Did I tell you our children are waiting 2? Keep waiting boys!!!

So send us our Da** money and stop the young people say it? We thirsty!

We were told by the neighborhood committee that the IRS were sending people double checks, so they taking their time with sending the checks out, I truly don't know honestly, if that's true or not because like I said it came from the "neighborhood committee" and they can be making up sh**

You feel me?

Well, Let me calm my poor little nerves and be a little more patients because after all, this sh**is out of my control.

So the only thing we can do is wait for it, so I'm done talking about it.
Peace out!

Peace & Love,
Pretty Brown Sistah

Sunday, June 15, 2008

R. Kelly is FREE!!!!

R. Kelly is F R E E !!!!
This is A Brown Sistah Story!

Robert Sylvester Kelly better known as R. Kelly was found not guilty on all 14 charges Friday,
R. Kelly is now a free man, I'm so happy and yes I am a true fan, in my humble opinion I believe he was innocent and the court seems to agree with me also. So for all of you who don't agree with me, Well, the Hell with you! R. Kelly, I Love You Baby!

The Chicago Sun-Times states that Friday afternoon, R. Kelly broke down in tears as a Cook County jury let him walk. While in court R. Kelly whispers " Thank You Jesus" repeatedly because he knows that it was Jesus who delivered him from this Fvck-up situation. LOL... I'll say it with you Kel's "Thank You Jesus" Amen!

If R. Kelly was found guilty he could have faced up to 15yrs in prison, I'm soooo glad, I'm sooooooo excited that my favorite R&B singer was found not guilty, because I was thinking to myself, I said Who in the hell else is going to supply us with hits after- hits after- hits? Bobby Brown (I don't think so)lmao.... and don't get me started with the remixes, come on yall, Who keeps giving us outstanding remixes, no other then my boy R. Kelly, you can hate all you want but you guys know it's true. Tell the truth and shame the Devil.....

Now there are other R&B singers that I do adore also, but Robert S. Kelly, is my man.(you can't mess with him) So you da** right Mr. Kelly, keep thanking Jesus because I personally can't stand to listen to no one else but you baby:)

Some of yall might be thinking to yourself, da** who was that on the tape then, if that was not
R. Kelly, then Who the hell was it? That's my question. If somebody find out please hit me up and let me know and wait a minute, what about the girl, Who the hell was the little girl? (now grow) Who was she? Are they gonna look for the freak that was on the tape? probably not, being that he was a black man that was on the tape having sex with an under age little black girl, they don't care now, it's a wrap! I'm willing to bet this case is OVER!

I wonder about the girl on the tape, haven't she heard the uproar that was going on about her, Sistah, I know you watch TV or better yet listen to the radio, Sh** you saw the tape, Sh** you on the tape. I wonder How she feels, How do you feel sistah? Why haven't she stepped up? or Have she? Is she ashame? What? I want to know:) Was that really her, pretending it wasn't? Do anybody have any answers for me?
Talk to me.

R. Kelly I Love you brother, I'm a big fan, keep making hit records, keep thanking God, there are people out there that will continue to say that, that was you on the tape and that you got off because you have money, but as long as you know and God know, Fvck what they say.


Peace & Love,
Pretty Brown Sistah!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Time 2 Go Shoe Shopping!

This is A Brown Sistah Story!

Well, Well, Well, It's been a long time coming. I haven't been shoe shopping for myself in awhile, so I decided to go online and try to find some shoes that I would like and at a reasonable price, take a look at what I found....

So far I picked these 2 I think there very nice for the summer I would say, what I have to find now is a couple of outfits to rock with them...LOL. Well, off to more shopping!

How do you like them?

Oh, and in case you like to purchase them for yourself here is the website.

Peace & Love!
Pretty Brown Sistah:)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Feud

Guess what happen? There have been some family mess going on in my neck of the woods, I mean in my family...LOL...My brother and my cousin husband got into a heated argument, which almost lead into a fist fight. Now, my cousin husband & my brother were friends, I would say somewhat close, yeah somewhat close as we thought, until the other day....LMAO!

Well here is what happen, there were 2 boys playing together outside, both are related, one is my little brother age 9 and of course one is my cousin & her husband child who is 7 and they both are bad azz hell, they both tell lies alot and that's the reason my 6yr old don't play with them much (he's one of those kids that don't like playing with children with bad behaviors, but my 3yr old will, How funny is that?)LMAO!

Anyway, the 2 little cousins have gotten into a fight or some kind of argument, like little kids do at some point in life, well my cousin son went crying to his dad who was just across the street from the park (telling another lie) stating that my lil brother was fighting him, ok neither one of them are innocent, not one of them, you here cousin son, let's just call him LiL Sean and call his dad Big Sean. They both walked across the street to approach my lil brother, let's call him Eric, so Big Sean gets heated every time he thinks someone is doing his bad azz child wrong and from what I see all the time lil Sean is constantly in trouble, he got kicked out of school and both parents goes to the school and cuss the teachers out and they know their child is bad, sh** I'm like wtf!!!

They both approach my lil bad azz brother and Big Sean starts to yell at my lil bad azz brother, wtf!! Right? That's what we said, once we saw my lil bad azz brother run in the house
To make a long story short, my mother asked my lil bad azz brother, (who is not an Angel) because he got suspended from school on more than 1 occasion, along with other bad azz sh** he do. She asked him what happen and my lil brother starts to explain, so my mother listen and gave him a talk and forgot about the whole situation. Me, I was thinking (hell now) that could not have been my child because I would have approached Big Sean azz, but I wouldn't had to approach Big Sean azz, I have a big "6'2 and 220lb muscle bound husband who would have done that for our child...LOL...but being the peaceful person that I am, It will be nice for me to address the issue with Big Sean because it wasn't gonna be nice with my hubby kickin that azz...lmao!

I don't like to fight and the situation can be taken care of by communication, I would have simply approach Big Sean like...

Me: Um, excuse me Big Sean, but what just happen here? (in a peaceful manner)smile!
Big Sean: Well, lil Sean says that Eric (my brother) keep picking on him.
Me: Ok and what was your approach to my lil bad azz brother?
Big Sean: Well, Brown Sistah, I yell at him and told him to leave my son alone.
Me: So, you only listen to your son side of the story.
Big Sean: Well, yeah!
Me: So you honestly think that your child had no part in their little situation and that it was all my lil bad azz brother fought.
Big Sean: Yeah, well no. (looking stupid)
Me: Which one is it? "Yes or No" circle one
Big Sean: (really looking stupid)
Me: Ok, well listen, please don't yell at my lil bad azz brother no more, because you don't want no one to even disciple your lil bad azz son and you was suppose to get them together as a Adult and try to reason with them both in stead of taking just your son side of the story only, there are 2-sides to each story and we both know they're both little lying, bad azz kids, so please next time handle this situation differently or else I'm gonna have to myself and I'm kick both their azz.

How you like that?

Back to the real story, My brother that is close to my age, heard that Big Sean, told lil Sean that next time Eric(my lil brother) hit him, he told his son to pick up a bat, (Yes a BAT) and hit him up side the head with it. I was like WTF!!!!!

So, my brother got mad and he said that he was going to approach Big Sean about that sh** he told his son, lil Sean. We felt that what he told his son was not appropriate and we didn't appreciate it, here we are family and you being a grown azz man that you are, you go and tell your son some crazy stuff like that. WTF!
That wasn't even nice to do to a stranger and that's why people (our people) can't get along together today because of some bullsh** like that, What ever happen to let's talk it out? What happen to family? or just What Happen period?

Well, as soon as my brother seen Big Sean, he approached him like a man and tried to get some understanding about the situation, but being the Ignorant person Big Sean is he tried to pick a fight with my brother because his bigger friends were around and even at some point tried to jump on my brother, all over some bad azz kids. Luckily, my brother friends came around to try to get this what was "about" to be whop azz fight under control or somebody would have gotten hurt over some da** bad azz kids sh**. And which the lil bad azz tag team probably have forgotten about they little fight from the beginning.

All I have to say to you grown AZZ men, stay the hell out of a kids fight!

Peace & Love!
Pretty Brown Sistah

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do you need a Prayer?

Greetings To You, what a busy day for me today, I must have been in a great mood because I finally cleaned my bedroom....yeah! :) and it looks sooooo much better, I had my husband & I winter clothes all over the place and clean laundry that I've washed 2-weeks ago still in bags, I have been one lazzzzy ass sistah and also I have been working, my entire family have been sick, including myself, I been working on my business I'm trying to start, I'm still attending to my children needs ( very exhausting) and I took my 3yr old to the Doctor on Friday (05-30-08) because everyone in my family has gotten well, but my little one was still running a fever and he also been having peeling skin (the entire body) I was like, what the F*** my lil-man is looking jacked-up
:) anyway we sitting in our family Doctors office and she checks out my lil-man and she asks me some questions regarding him...How long he's been with a fever? How long have his skin been peeling? so I answer of course, so she tells me that she believe my lil-man may have this disease called kawauski, or some shit, that's how F*** up I was, I don't even believe I spelled it right....LOL that's how F*** up I was :) So Ms Doctor tells me to take my lil-man to the hospital right away because he needs to be treated, she have written a letter for me to give to the emergency room Doctor regarding her opinion of my son sickness, so my husband & I took the letter and off we go to the emergency room, well people there have been at least 5-6 different Doctors at different times have been inside my room asking me 20-30 question regarding my lil-man, now I didn't mine the damn questions, but can you DOCTORS all come in at the same damn time to ask me questions and ( take notes) so that I don't have to repeat myself 5-6 different times...that's all I'm saying :)

Well my lil-man & I had to spend the night at the hospital, because "Yes" they confirm my lil-man had kawauski something disease...:( after all the tests and blood work have been done on my lil-man, a Disease Specialist came into our room the next morning and gave me some good news, he stated that my lil-man don't have kawauski something disease :) I was relieve because this disease can damage the heart and can form a blood clot in the heart or brain. How can you spell R-E-L-I-E-F? :)

Well, my lil-man had Scarlett-Fever with a bad stripped throat infection, he have been given liquid antibiotic in his IV and Tylenol and we were able to go home because my lil-man is a champ and he is feeling terrific....:) Thank God!

All Glory goes to God I Thank him/her soooo much!
Although, I don't attend Church, but I am a spiritual person and I will always Thank God for my good and bad times. So while I was in the most comfortable place in my home ( my bathroom) I keep a prayer book in there, it is written by Iyanla Vanzant and it's called "Every Day I Pray"
if you don't have this book I suggest you go out and purchase it or better yet go online @
to order this prayer book. I Believe you would love it, but in the mean time I have a prayer here that I love and I'm sure once you read it, you will love it as well. Are you ready? It's called

"The Perfect Prayer"

I Love you today, God
I Love you for all you are in me, all you are through me,
all you do as me.
I Love the realization that your grace is my strength.
I Love the understanding that your truth is my power.
I Love the knowledge that your wisdom is my guidance.
I Love the truth that you are my source and supply.
I Love the peace your presence brings.
I Love the answers your truth brings.
I Love the joy your love brings.
As I become aware and embrace all that you are as the essence
of me, I realize that I Love you today, God, and I thank you for
loving me back.
And So It Is!

Let the Church say Amen!
Peace & Love,
A Pretty Brown Sistah