Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rebate Checks!

This is a Brown Sistah Story!

What's up? I don't get a Check Mr President...

It looks like I might not be receiving a rebate check, because I haven't worked much in 2007. Talk about a pissed off sistah, shiiiiiiiit I was ready 2 fight. *(I was under the 3,000 limit) So that's why Brown Sistah is not receiving a rebate check, but I'm cool:)

A sistah was waiting on that

Luckily, my husband will be receiving one, so that would make it ours:) Your money is my money to

He or should I say we, received the statement in the mail last Friday, but we still haven't seen no $, Where Is our money? Mr. President or Mr. IRS, Where is our Money?

We the people of United States of America, who are temporary out of cash and we are searching for OUR rebate check, because really, it's already but we still would like to feel it in our hands.

Did I tell you our children are waiting 2? Keep waiting boys!!!

So send us our Da** money and stop the young people say it? We thirsty!

We were told by the neighborhood committee that the IRS were sending people double checks, so they taking their time with sending the checks out, I truly don't know honestly, if that's true or not because like I said it came from the "neighborhood committee" and they can be making up sh**

You feel me?

Well, Let me calm my poor little nerves and be a little more patients because after all, this sh**is out of my control.

So the only thing we can do is wait for it, so I'm done talking about it.
Peace out!

Peace & Love,
Pretty Brown Sistah

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