Sunday, June 15, 2008

R. Kelly is FREE!!!!

R. Kelly is F R E E !!!!
This is A Brown Sistah Story!

Robert Sylvester Kelly better known as R. Kelly was found not guilty on all 14 charges Friday,
R. Kelly is now a free man, I'm so happy and yes I am a true fan, in my humble opinion I believe he was innocent and the court seems to agree with me also. So for all of you who don't agree with me, Well, the Hell with you! R. Kelly, I Love You Baby!

The Chicago Sun-Times states that Friday afternoon, R. Kelly broke down in tears as a Cook County jury let him walk. While in court R. Kelly whispers " Thank You Jesus" repeatedly because he knows that it was Jesus who delivered him from this Fvck-up situation. LOL... I'll say it with you Kel's "Thank You Jesus" Amen!

If R. Kelly was found guilty he could have faced up to 15yrs in prison, I'm soooo glad, I'm sooooooo excited that my favorite R&B singer was found not guilty, because I was thinking to myself, I said Who in the hell else is going to supply us with hits after- hits after- hits? Bobby Brown (I don't think so)lmao.... and don't get me started with the remixes, come on yall, Who keeps giving us outstanding remixes, no other then my boy R. Kelly, you can hate all you want but you guys know it's true. Tell the truth and shame the Devil.....

Now there are other R&B singers that I do adore also, but Robert S. Kelly, is my man.(you can't mess with him) So you da** right Mr. Kelly, keep thanking Jesus because I personally can't stand to listen to no one else but you baby:)

Some of yall might be thinking to yourself, da** who was that on the tape then, if that was not
R. Kelly, then Who the hell was it? That's my question. If somebody find out please hit me up and let me know and wait a minute, what about the girl, Who the hell was the little girl? (now grow) Who was she? Are they gonna look for the freak that was on the tape? probably not, being that he was a black man that was on the tape having sex with an under age little black girl, they don't care now, it's a wrap! I'm willing to bet this case is OVER!

I wonder about the girl on the tape, haven't she heard the uproar that was going on about her, Sistah, I know you watch TV or better yet listen to the radio, Sh** you saw the tape, Sh** you on the tape. I wonder How she feels, How do you feel sistah? Why haven't she stepped up? or Have she? Is she ashame? What? I want to know:) Was that really her, pretending it wasn't? Do anybody have any answers for me?
Talk to me.

R. Kelly I Love you brother, I'm a big fan, keep making hit records, keep thanking God, there are people out there that will continue to say that, that was you on the tape and that you got off because you have money, but as long as you know and God know, Fvck what they say.


Peace & Love,
Pretty Brown Sistah!

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