Monday, May 26, 2008

Nice Weather Today!

Finally, Today we almost reached 80 degree weather here in Chi-Town, the summer time is almost near and I was starting to feel a little sad thinking we were gonna have only 2 season this year ( Fall or Winter) My family and I have been sick with colds, allergies, and even sinus affections, Thank God we all over came them.

You can tell when it start getting hot in Chicago, because you will see a bunch of half dress women out on the prawl, looking for their next guy with the nice car, flashy money, or the bling-bling.

You will see the guys, probably with no job, with a $30,000-$40,000 car, loaded with TV's, DVD Players, and I won't be surprise if I see a play station 3 inside, rims sitting on 22's or 28's or what ever they call it (I'm very clueless) about that sh** and last but not least they will be bobbing their head to rap music driving as fast as they can, up & down the same streets all day long. Of course the drug dealers and the drug users standing in front of YOUR HOME. That is what a typical day is like in some Chicago areas. This is what the youngsters call havvvvving fuuuuuun! Now, you can go outside this kind of neighborhood to see the beautiful side of Chicago and I'm sure in every city there is a community like mines, I love Chicago, why wouldn't I, this is the city in which I'm from, I have experience living in Desoto, Texas (2x's) and sometimes I hate leaving...I got home sick!!!LOL Once I got back here to Chicago, I found out that I wasn't missing sh**! What a BIG, BIG, mistake.

Seeing all of this in my hood, informs me that summer time is on it's way to Chicago and it also informs me that although I live in this community for now (because I will be moving soon) I don't have to hang out here, I have 1 teenage son and 2 younger sons with a great husband and we have plans on introducing our children to a different environment. Allowing them to see another side of our beautiful city. Our Plans will consist of......
3. Zoo
4. Bowling.
5. Chicago Air & Water show.
6. Dinner & Movies.
7. Chicago Navy Pier.
8.Chicago Game Rooms.
9.Taste of Chicago.
10. Chicago Black Expo.
11.Millennium Park.
A weekend trip....
A African American Museum
Plenty, Plenty, More!

Although, My husband & I were born here, we still have never seen all of what Chicago has to offer, but this year we plan to spend half the summer trying, along with our children.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Love!
Brown Sistah

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Feeling Better

Ok, I must say the Garlic did work some, along with the lemon halls and herbal tea, I still have a cough, but I really feel so much better. I will continue to eat Garlic on a daily bases because I do believe it works and it is a natural antibiotic. For those out there that may be coming down with a cold or a sign of sore throat, go out there and get you some G A R L I C!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Feel like sh**

I went to bad last night feeling really bad, I have a cold yall, I have eaten a clove of G A R L I C, yes Garlic the day before I felt the cold coming, I started out with a slight sore throat, and thats when I decided to start taking the GARLIC, so far it's not helping. I found this website about what garlic is good for and this is what it said.....

The Garlic Connection

This is where garlic could come in. Garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic with powerful antibacterial properties.

In general antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections of the sort that cause most colds and flu. Fortunately garlic isn't "just" an antibiotic. As well as the powerful antibacterial allicin, garlic produces a number of other potentially beneficial compounds.

It seems that garlic can have positive effects for the immune system as a whole. In this way it might indirectly help the body to fight off illnesses for which modern antibiotics would be inappropriate. Many herbal supplements on the market contain garlic, often along with other traditional herbs such as echinacea.

Garlic is sometimes said to help treat the symptoms of colds and flu, however it is best seen as a preventative. The use of garlic against colds and flu seems to be most effective when taken before the infection is caught, or immediately the symptoms begin to show.

Scientific research (1) has shown that people taking garlic can suffer less from colds than a control group. There is also plentiful anecdotal evidence that taking large amounts of garlic at the onset of a cold can reduce the time taken to recover. As always, discuss any treatment with your doctor - garlic can interfere with the working of certain medical drugs.

Ok, I'mma continue eating it, to give it a chance to really work, because I truly believe in doing things the NATURAL way.

Since this is only day 2 of me eating GARLIC, I will keep you posted on my results.
While eating the GARLIC, I will also drink herbal tea, drop a couple of Lemon Halls down my throat, drink plenty of distilled water and of course get plenty of rest. Um, I forgot I have children, scratch out the rest part....LOL

Until Next Time,
Be Bless!
Brown Sistah