Saturday, April 25, 2009

Joke of the Day!

Girl: "Forgive me father for I have sinned."
Priest: "What have you done my child?"
Girl: "I called a man a son of a bitch."
Priest: "Why did you call him a son of a bitch?"
Girl: "Because he touched my hand."
Priest: "Like this?" (as he touches her hand)
Girl: "Yes father."
Priest: "That's no reason to call a man a son of a bitch."
Girl: "Then he touched my breast."
Priest: "Like this?" (as he touched her breast)
Girl: "Yes father."
Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch."
Girl: "Then he took off my clothes, father."
Priest: "Like this?" (as he takes off her clothes)
Girl: "Yes father."
Priest: "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch."
Girl: "Then he stuck his you know what into my you know where."
Priest: "Like this?" (as he stuck his you know what into her you know where)
Priest: (after a few minutes): "That's no reason to call him a son of a bitch."
Girl: "But father he had AIDS!"
Priest: "THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!"

Brown Sistah

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Day!

Any Body want to guess where I been today, go ahead, take a wild guess. Yes, I went on a field trip with my 7yr old today and we went to Lincoln Park Zoo, we seen those big, beautiful looking animals that you see posted on here. My son and I had a ball, along with all the other children in his class and you talking about exercise, I walked all over the park, the park is fine, but they didn't have to many animals out today. The monkeys showed out and gave us a great performance, they were swing all over the place, dancing, cracking jokes, singing, juggling ball and stuff (I'm kidding) there was this white monkey, that just wanted to sit still and watch us, but that was cool, the black ones act up enough fool for us to laugh about...LOL

I'm glad they didn't pee on us, the last time I went to the zoo, a monkey tried to pee on us, we had to jump back. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves and I look forward to the next field trip in May. I just love to go on field trips with my children and they are very happy to have their mom, along with them:-)

I use to go on trips with my oldest son, that's out the way...yay!!!!
now, I have my 7yr old and next, my 4yr old and he will be starting school in September and talking about somebody who can't wait, I can't, when I went to enroll him, the Teacher said...

Do you want Jabari to start school tomorrow? You should have seen my face and I looked at him, he tried to cover his face with his hands and he looked at me like...Did she just ask my mama that, I start laughing, but that couldn't happen, because I don't have his shot record and he will not have one either, because I don't believe in immunization, so I have to get a letter from our Doctor stating that I don't believe in immunization and also print the sheet from off the Islamic website that I go to. So, he will be starting in September and I'm going to have everything ready.

If you ever in Chicago, visit Lincoln Park Zoo, here's the website

I'm off to take a nap and later it's school work for myself.

Peace & Love,
Brown Sistah

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Candy Bar!

It is now 9:10PM and my husband claim like he was going to the store and he would be right back, that was around 5:00PM. I was like ok, bring me back a chocolate payday candy bar, in which I really don't need, but heck, I wanted it:)

Don't you just hate when people tell you they'll be right back and don't come back until hours later. Well, that's him>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Baby,(with my don't play with me look) I got the right mine to walk my azz, right around that corner and smack him, got me sitting here waiting on my Chocolate Payday and I'm not playing either....LOL

All, I keep saying to myself is....God, I'm get him back, oh yeah, pay back is coming, I just got to think of something...LOL

When I do, I will be posting it:-)

I'm not really mad about the candy bar, let me stop lying, yes I am, but it's also the fact that YOU SAID, I will be right back, I said right back like 1hr, he said like 20mins and that's why I'm mad it's been a whole 4hrs + later.

Do yall feel me?
Have yall every been done like that before?

Peace & Blessing!
Brown Sistah

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm a Think Misses that loves sexy lingerie, a girl got to keep it looking good for her hubby, if you know what I mean (wink-wink) So I ran across a website that sale beautiful lingerie in the juicy size, yes I said it...LOL in the Juicy Size! What? Juicy girls needs to be sexy to:-) and plus I have seen so many wonderful panties, bra's and all kind of cute sh** for the Thick Chicks!

Well, take a look at what I found to be "CUTE" and affordable (wink-wink)
If you interested in checking this website out, you can go to
They also have nice clothing for the Thick Chicks as well.

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

Joke of the Week!

The minister was passing a group of young teens sitting on the Church lawn and stopped to ask what they were doing.

"Nothing much, Pastor," replied one boy. "We were just seeing who can tell the biggest lie about their sex life."

"Boys, boys, boys!" he scolded. "I'm shocked. When I was your age, I never even thought about sex."

In unison they all replied, "You win!

Brown Sistah

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aries In the House!

Aries live life head first; after all, those horns on your head are not just for fighting. Your headstrong nature can make you a "battering ram" and woe is the person who stands in your way.

Aries are noted for courage and leadership qualities, primarily because you are nearly always ready for action. The need for excitement pushes you into new territory -- and as long as you are ahead of others while demonstrating confidence, chances are that they will follow you. As self-ordained leader of the pack, Aries fight for what you believe to be important. But it's not that Aries are fearless. Your courage is more of a commitment to face your fears and overcome them.

Aries motto is "Ready, fire, aim!" It may be backwards for others, but you'd rather figure out what to do while you are doing it. Impulsive actions, however, can bring you your share of trouble. While others are gathering information to make informed decisions, you are already on your way. As such, you could suffer from false starts. In fact, you Aries are so good at starting things that you can be off onto your next project before completing the previous one. As you Aries mature, you learn to slow down your reaction time in order to think about the consequences of your actions.

Element: Fire
Fire signs are naturally warm. A fire gives light and heat, but it doesn't get depleted as others feed on its warmth. One candle can bring light to a room and it won't burn any faster if ten people read from its light than if there was only one. Fire doesn't plan it next move; it isn't logical. It simply is in the moment and will burn what fuel is available without judgment or forethought. For this reason fire signs can successfully rely on their intuition and survival instincts.

The fire of Aries is spontaneous and hot. It's like a pile of dry kindling that burns fast but cannot sustain itself for the long haul.

First House: Self
The First House symbolizes our physical body and our personality -- how we appear to the outer world. It's not necessarily who we are; it's what we bring to a situation and how others see us. It represents our childhood, the beginning of any activity or even the start of a new relationship. It's not, however, about the other person; it's about how others see us. No doubt, everything starts with the First House.

Key Planet: Mars
Mars is called the "Angry Red Planet." In Greek mythology, Mars was the God of War. But Mars isn't only about fighting; it's about going somewhere, going anywhere. If someone is in our path, then, perhaps we must fight with them in order to keep going. Mars is like the gas pedal of our bodies. It's represents how we move forward in life. In any chart, Mars offers clues as to how we express our basic energy. As the key planet of Aries, it reminds us to "just do it."

Aries Greatest Strength:
Your courage to overcome fear

Aries Possible Weakness:
Not finishing things you start

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Good Day!

I Thank the Lord, it was a good day today, I was expecting this call from this manager, at a company I interviewed with on Friday. It went well for me and it seem like he was interested in me working for the company, he told me that he was going to call me before Monday, to tell me if I was one of the lucky people that would get the opportunity to work for the company, today is Tuesday and I have not received a phone call yet.
I'm a little disappointed, but hey, the hell with him. I just look at this way, if it was meant for me, it would be mines, I'm moving on.

God got something else on his/her agenda for me:-)
So, I won't complain, because I know it's going to be something BIG & Wonderful and also, it would be something that I would enjoy doing in the first place. I'm looking for a career, were I can help someone, some-what working independently, something were I'm doing a good deed, something I would enjoy, I haven't figure it out yet, but that's just a little of something, I want to do. And, I forgot, I don't want no boss hanging over my head.

Wow, I just need to work for my damn self and actually that's what I'm working on doing, sometime I feel like God is telling me to, I have the brains, I have the go-getter attitude and all that good stuff that comes along with starting a business, but no money to get started.

I'm about to be truly blessed in a little while, I can just feel it! Not, that I'm not blessed now, but my family and I been going through some challenges and I feel God moving in our lives right now and I feel that it's going to be good.

I went to School today, I didn't feel like it, but I'm glad I did. I like School, my thing is getting up and going. I don't like riding that damn train, it be so damn packed with people,(crazy & strange people)it be full to capacity and I really hate it, sometimes I just wait for another train come and praying it's empty or at least not so full to capacity with crazy & strange folks. LOL

I'm learning Effective Facilitation skills, it's something new to me and so far I'm enjoying it, it's about knowing how to take charge of work sessions and how to lead a group toward successfully completing their work objectives. I like taking charge so I know I will be getting a "A" in this class.

My 7yr old and my 10yr old brother is on Spring break this week, next week, I'm on Spring break, I'm soooo happy! They would be in School and I will be relaxing, wait a minute, I still have my 4yr old home with me:-( And you talking about a energize bunny, my 4yr old be bouncing off my head all day long, I call him my little baby, my boys have their on room, but their room is inside my room (because we are living with my mother for now) that's going to change real soon:-) And my 4yr old always, always be in my husband & I bed every morning, sleeping right next to me, that is so funny, my husband says when we move, he's going to lock our door or put chains at their door, so he can't come out, that was so funny to me.

I have so many business idea's, but no money to start with, sometime I think I use that as a excuse, so I'm looking for ways on how I can start one of my business adventures without cash.
Some of you might think, it would be hard to do and actually that's what I been saying also, but I know it's something that I can do, I feel stuck at times, but God will work it out for me.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to start a business or start anything but lacking the funds to get it started?

Brown Sistah

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shoe of the Week!

These are Caylee shoes from Bakers here is the website.......

I really love these shoes, my husband says the heels are to high, but who got to wear them:-) Me right!

The Price is $ 79.95

Which is not bad, it comes in Turquoise also.
If you like the shoes, check out the website.

Peace & Blessings!
Love this Pretty Brown Sistah:-)