Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Good Day!

I Thank the Lord, it was a good day today, I was expecting this call from this manager, at a company I interviewed with on Friday. It went well for me and it seem like he was interested in me working for the company, he told me that he was going to call me before Monday, to tell me if I was one of the lucky people that would get the opportunity to work for the company, today is Tuesday and I have not received a phone call yet.
I'm a little disappointed, but hey, the hell with him. I just look at this way, if it was meant for me, it would be mines, I'm moving on.

God got something else on his/her agenda for me:-)
So, I won't complain, because I know it's going to be something BIG & Wonderful and also, it would be something that I would enjoy doing in the first place. I'm looking for a career, were I can help someone, some-what working independently, something were I'm doing a good deed, something I would enjoy, I haven't figure it out yet, but that's just a little of something, I want to do. And, I forgot, I don't want no boss hanging over my head.

Wow, I just need to work for my damn self and actually that's what I'm working on doing, sometime I feel like God is telling me to, I have the brains, I have the go-getter attitude and all that good stuff that comes along with starting a business, but no money to get started.

I'm about to be truly blessed in a little while, I can just feel it! Not, that I'm not blessed now, but my family and I been going through some challenges and I feel God moving in our lives right now and I feel that it's going to be good.

I went to School today, I didn't feel like it, but I'm glad I did. I like School, my thing is getting up and going. I don't like riding that damn train, it be so damn packed with people,(crazy & strange people)it be full to capacity and I really hate it, sometimes I just wait for another train come and praying it's empty or at least not so full to capacity with crazy & strange folks. LOL

I'm learning Effective Facilitation skills, it's something new to me and so far I'm enjoying it, it's about knowing how to take charge of work sessions and how to lead a group toward successfully completing their work objectives. I like taking charge so I know I will be getting a "A" in this class.

My 7yr old and my 10yr old brother is on Spring break this week, next week, I'm on Spring break, I'm soooo happy! They would be in School and I will be relaxing, wait a minute, I still have my 4yr old home with me:-( And you talking about a energize bunny, my 4yr old be bouncing off my head all day long, I call him my little baby, my boys have their on room, but their room is inside my room (because we are living with my mother for now) that's going to change real soon:-) And my 4yr old always, always be in my husband & I bed every morning, sleeping right next to me, that is so funny, my husband says when we move, he's going to lock our door or put chains at their door, so he can't come out, that was so funny to me.

I have so many business idea's, but no money to start with, sometime I think I use that as a excuse, so I'm looking for ways on how I can start one of my business adventures without cash.
Some of you might think, it would be hard to do and actually that's what I been saying also, but I know it's something that I can do, I feel stuck at times, but God will work it out for me.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to start a business or start anything but lacking the funds to get it started?

Brown Sistah

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