Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Job Starts Tonight!

It's 6PM and I can't go to sleep, tonight I start my first day as a Processing Clerk on the 3rd shift, I worked 3rd shift before and I really don't like it, but heck I need to work. It's something I can get use to or I'm going to have to get use to.

So, wish me luck and pray that I don't fall asleep tonight:-)

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So many thoughts...

While coming home from school on the train, I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I want to blog about, but once I get home, I can't seem to remember, that is so crazy!!!!

Anyway, these are my thoughts for today....

* Whatever happen to men opening doors and giving up their seats for us ladies, What happen to that? When I get on the bus or on the train, I see that the men are sitting down, but the women are standing up, I don't ever recall hearing a man asking me if I would like to take a seat, I think it's sad.

* I wonder why white folks in the downtown Chicagoland area run for the train, as if it's the only train coming, I look at them like they are crazy, because they will run you completely over for the damn train and it be another train right behind that train that they running to get on and it be jam packed, but the next train following that one, be empty. So please white people stop running trying to get on the first train you see and wait patiently for the next one, it will only take a minute and you just might get a seat to sit down on.

* I don't understand why, ex-drug users, get out of jail or out the rehab center and go right back to hanging with the same people they were hanging around with, who were getting high with them at the very beginning and still getting high while you were away, but you go back with the same people, (thinking they your friend and thinking they want to see you happy, because they don't) that is crazy to me, so now, I look around and 2 weeks have gone by and now you back on drugs again. I just don't understand, listen to me, YOU CAN NOT, CAN NOT, as much as you say you got this thing beat...YOU DON"T! You can not be around people who are users and you trying not to be one, it don't work.

* I don't understand why people, claim like they want to better themselves, but don't take the time out to make plans to do so, but they constantly wants to call you and complain about their living situation and once you start asking them questions pertaining to the information that they are giving you,( you trying to figure out how to help)but they make excuses. Just, please do me a favor, STOP CALLING ME!

* I think my mother practice being a Gemini, really she do, she have 2 personalities, one week she wants to move out and her and her foster child live alone and the next week she wants to give up her foster child and live with my family and I. It's like every 5mo's she get's like this and out of all honesty, like I stated on here before, My husband and I will be getting our own soon and that time is not coming soon enough, we just can't get with the 2 personalities, it really gets under my skin and I'm afraid I might hurt her feelings. My husband said, we will never live with her again, she may come to live with us, if she needs to, but we will not live in her place, because my mother have a tendency to always say...Mines, who in my kitchen, who put this in my bathroom, it's always mines...... just fuss all day long, all day long!

* I have a desire to move to Atlanta, I love Atlanta and I love the homes there, in the particular areas in which I'm looking, My family and I are really looking for a new start, we looking for a new city, new career, new friends, new car to drive us there, new school and friends for my children, a whole new environment, a place where it barely snows and also a new home.

We're looking for a new beginning and I prayed about it and I'm just leaving it all up to God, my plans were to work temporary jobs while I'm here in Chicago, save to get a car, complete school in a couple of months, use my income tax to plan to move, along with the money I plan to save while working, start applying for jobs, like the month of February and as soon as I get this great job opportunity there in the ATL, I will start looking for a place to stay, which I believe wouldn't be that hard, because I'm expecting God to bless us in every way and if my plan is in align with his, things will work out great and then my family and I will be living in the ATL baby!!!!

I have other plans or reasons why I want to relocated there to the ATL, but I will not discuss them at this moment, but yall will be finding out in the future, if God is willing.

* I wish the media would leave President Barack Obama alone, every man looks at booty, every man have looked at a woman azz before, I'm sure he was not lusting, it probably was a glance, I haven't seen the news pertaining to President Barack booty watching, but I know it was nothing to make a big deal out of, so just drop it!

* For God sakes, leave Michael Jackson alone, he is dead and gone and I can't believe the things that they are saying about him, like he was gay, please let Michael rest and also, please leave his family alone, especially Joe Jackson, My god!

* It's a couple of bloggers, I would love to meet, like Fergie, Tazzee, Aretha, Te-Erica, Serenity, Lady Lee, Babs, Single ma and a host of other bloggers that I can't remember at this moment, I think you ladies are absolutely fabulous, I read your blogs daily and you ladies, really inspire me a lot, you don't even no it, but I'm telling you now, I heart them all and there's no particular blog I like the most, because I love them all, they are all very great in what they do, ladies keep doing your thing, I learn a lot from you all and I also laugh a Very smart, very beautiful, very educated women, who are doing it for themselves and some of them, if not all, doing it all by themselves successfully and I admire that.

I think I'm pretty much out of thoughts at this moment, maybe it's because I'm feeding my face with a Reese cup and Kit

So, I will talk 2 ya soon!
Be Good!

Brown Sistah

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm so happy!

Let me tell yall, just a couple of days ago, I ask God for a Miracle and that I had no job, no money and I just simply needed a miracle. My family and I are living with my mother at the moment (so temporary) At times she had to pay everything by herself and that was not easy.

So, I prayed, I read my bible, I have wonderful friends praying for me and a wonderful church home, who continually keep my family & I in prayer . I got a sheet of paper, like my girlfriend Chell told me to do about a couple of months ago and this worked for me, just as it did this time as well, but anyway, I got a sheet of paper and I wrote God a letter stating what I wanted in a job, the location, the pay and some other things, so anyway, the temporary agency that I'm with, the recruiter is soooo nice, I just love him, I told my mother that I love nice people:-) OK, he been trying to get me another assignment and guess what?

Yes, he got me another assignment, it's in the pay range I prayed for, the location is also, the position is a 3rd shift position, I never worked a 3rd shift in my life, but this will be my first, I'm so excited (Jumping up and Down) it's more hrs then the other position that I was recently had, so that means, more money, more money...YES!

All I can say is, God is so wonderful, I put my trust in God, just as I always will and you should to:-) and look what he/she have done for me honeychild, I'm still able to attend school, without being late, I'm so blessed, all I can say is...THANK YOU Jesus!!!!

The position is for a period of 90day to Hire and I get paid every week, so money in my pocket every week, I like that.

I'm about to write down me some plans on how to save for me a car and to save for my move to Atlanta for next year and also deposit some money into my personal savings account as well as my children account, Brown Sistah got some plans.

I'm just so grateful and I would forever be grateful, I would forever praise God, I would forever worship God and I would forever and continually build a stronger relationship with God, he/she is my everything!

Let me go, I'm about to get ready to watch the Tiny and Toya reality TV show on BET, yes I like that show, I love reality TV and I can't wait for Frankie & Neffe, Daddy's Little Girls, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I don't watch nothing else really, I'm a reader and a computer head, I barely watch TV, but my show are coming on this season and I'm ready to watch.

Until next time, Be Good,
Keep your head up and always put God 1st.

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Week-end and Random Thoughts

This weekend went by so fast, just as time has, it is July already, pretty soon it's going to be snowing and I hate

I really didn't do much, Friday, I stay in and watched TV, chill with my children and other family members, I stayed on Facebook:-) Saturday, My Mother and Aunties had a fish fry over to my Grandmothers house, my mother tells me in memory of Micheal Jackson and I looked at her and said...Whatever!!

My husband hates when I say "Whatever" he claims like his first wife use to say it all the time, but who cares, I'm not her and I still say...."Whatever"

Sunday, I missed Church and I felt so bad, because I just started going to this Church and I really like it, I mean I Love It!

The people are sooo nice and I truly love meeting nice people, because I'm a nice girl and I just think the world needs to be filled with nice loving people...Don't you think so?

It would make the world a better place for you and me...We are the World, We are the, that's a MJ song, but I thought it would fit right on in, in what I was trying to say.

I had to miss church, because I'm having some uncomfortable pain in my ankle and my knees and I didn't like that feeling, I have a Doctors appointment and it's all the way in August, but man the way these months are flying, August would come in no time.

I can tell yall this, my children are sitting here, getting no my nerves and I CAN"T WAIT UNTIL THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

I wish they can go to school all year around, I swear I do and I'm serious, my little one, who is 4yrs old is about to start Pre-School this year and I can't wait, the only thing, I wish he can go all day, man I would love that, but it's only for 4hrs a day.

I have to say Peace out now, I have to get ready for school, I'm going to type back later!
Have a wonderful Day!

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Swear I need a Miracle God

I'm really in need of a Miracle God, I'm in need of a job, a car, and a apartment, I'm just all jacked-up, I been praying and of course you know that, I'm just like any other human being who gets inpatient with you God. I'm so Inpatient, I'm trying to stay strong and be encouraging to others, but I'm about to have a break down, but instead I need a breakthrough.

I tell myself...just hold on, God is in my favor, but how long Oh God, I'm doing my best to stay uplifted and that's really hard when I'm surrounded with negativity, depression (husband & mother) and don't get me to talking about the community that we're living in Lord, I'm talking about drug infected, killing, just right around the corner from me Lord, you see it and I understand every neighborhood is not perfect, I truly understand that, but I do know that there is one just a little bit better then this one, Bless my family and I with a more loving and better community then this one and I do pray for this community Father God, it really needs your healing.

I'm asking for strength, a peace of mind, I'm trying to be strong and I feel like, I'm always being encouraging to others, being there for others in their time of need and I'm just feeling a little drained. I don't like to feel like that, I want and need my energy to be renewed, I need that Oh' God.

I'm asking for your help, my family and I have no kind of money coming in to support us, I'm thankful for the 2 month temporary assignment that I just completed and I pray they call me back again, because I really need to work, my husband really needs to work, we need you so much God, everyday we looking for employment, weather it's applying online or doing walk-ins, nothing is coming available for us and what I'm asking and praying for you Father God, to bless us, give us the Miracle that we are so deserving of Father God, may closed doors, now be open for us Father God.

You promised me, God, that you would open doors for me that no one could close, and that you would close doors that no one could open. You promised that you would prepare a table before me, even when others said it would be impossible in this time of the recession God.

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday you are always amazing, so loving, so kind, so caring, so understanding, so forgiving, you are just my everything, my life, you are the beginning and the end Father God and that's why I come to you, because I know that you are the only one who can help me Father God, in this time of need, no one but you and I love you sooo much!

I'm sooo grateful for you Father God, I Thank you for the privilege of Prayer, I Thank you for always being there for me, always listening and always providing for me and my family, I do know that it appears to look hard for my family and I at this time, but I'm going to keep pushing and pushing my way through Father God and I'm expecting a miracle from you Father God, I'm expecting that all my prayers will be answered, I'm expecting your good!

P.S. Father God, Please forgive me if my prayer seems selfish!

I Love you Father God,
Brown Sistah