Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm so happy!

Let me tell yall, just a couple of days ago, I ask God for a Miracle and that I had no job, no money and I just simply needed a miracle. My family and I are living with my mother at the moment (so temporary) At times she had to pay everything by herself and that was not easy.

So, I prayed, I read my bible, I have wonderful friends praying for me and a wonderful church home, who continually keep my family & I in prayer . I got a sheet of paper, like my girlfriend Chell told me to do about a couple of months ago and this worked for me, just as it did this time as well, but anyway, I got a sheet of paper and I wrote God a letter stating what I wanted in a job, the location, the pay and some other things, so anyway, the temporary agency that I'm with, the recruiter is soooo nice, I just love him, I told my mother that I love nice people:-) OK, he been trying to get me another assignment and guess what?

Yes, he got me another assignment, it's in the pay range I prayed for, the location is also, the position is a 3rd shift position, I never worked a 3rd shift in my life, but this will be my first, I'm so excited (Jumping up and Down) it's more hrs then the other position that I was recently had, so that means, more money, more money...YES!

All I can say is, God is so wonderful, I put my trust in God, just as I always will and you should to:-) and look what he/she have done for me honeychild, I'm still able to attend school, without being late, I'm so blessed, all I can say is...THANK YOU Jesus!!!!

The position is for a period of 90day to Hire and I get paid every week, so money in my pocket every week, I like that.

I'm about to write down me some plans on how to save for me a car and to save for my move to Atlanta for next year and also deposit some money into my personal savings account as well as my children account, Brown Sistah got some plans.

I'm just so grateful and I would forever be grateful, I would forever praise God, I would forever worship God and I would forever and continually build a stronger relationship with God, he/she is my everything!

Let me go, I'm about to get ready to watch the Tiny and Toya reality TV show on BET, yes I like that show, I love reality TV and I can't wait for Frankie & Neffe, Daddy's Little Girls, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I don't watch nothing else really, I'm a reader and a computer head, I barely watch TV, but my show are coming on this season and I'm ready to watch.

Until next time, Be Good,
Keep your head up and always put God 1st.

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah


Biro Chic said...

I'm happy for you that your prayers were answered, God never fails us we can fully trust in Him...
All the best too

Anonymous said...

thats a really great testimony!