Saturday, April 18, 2009

Candy Bar!

It is now 9:10PM and my husband claim like he was going to the store and he would be right back, that was around 5:00PM. I was like ok, bring me back a chocolate payday candy bar, in which I really don't need, but heck, I wanted it:)

Don't you just hate when people tell you they'll be right back and don't come back until hours later. Well, that's him>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Baby,(with my don't play with me look) I got the right mine to walk my azz, right around that corner and smack him, got me sitting here waiting on my Chocolate Payday and I'm not playing either....LOL

All, I keep saying to myself is....God, I'm get him back, oh yeah, pay back is coming, I just got to think of something...LOL

When I do, I will be posting it:-)

I'm not really mad about the candy bar, let me stop lying, yes I am, but it's also the fact that YOU SAID, I will be right back, I said right back like 1hr, he said like 20mins and that's why I'm mad it's been a whole 4hrs + later.

Do yall feel me?
Have yall every been done like that before?

Peace & Blessing!
Brown Sistah


Tazzee said...

What time did he get back? See I would be worried, calling and running up to the store to find him. Never had that happen before - the closest would be when someone tells me they are going to call when they get home and they don't. Then I get worried, start calling, etc.

I hope you got your candy bar.

BrownSistah said...

He came in at 11:30PM and still forgot my candy bar, I wasn't worried, because he hangs out with his "Friends" at a 24hour store, talking and my husband can talk.
I mean literally, can talk girl:-)

Peace & Blessings!