Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Feel like sh**

I went to bad last night feeling really bad, I have a cold yall, I have eaten a clove of G A R L I C, yes Garlic the day before I felt the cold coming, I started out with a slight sore throat, and thats when I decided to start taking the GARLIC, so far it's not helping. I found this website about what garlic is good for and this is what it said.....

The Garlic Connection

This is where garlic could come in. Garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic with powerful antibacterial properties.

In general antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections of the sort that cause most colds and flu. Fortunately garlic isn't "just" an antibiotic. As well as the powerful antibacterial allicin, garlic produces a number of other potentially beneficial compounds.

It seems that garlic can have positive effects for the immune system as a whole. In this way it might indirectly help the body to fight off illnesses for which modern antibiotics would be inappropriate. Many herbal supplements on the market contain garlic, often along with other traditional herbs such as echinacea.

Garlic is sometimes said to help treat the symptoms of colds and flu, however it is best seen as a preventative. The use of garlic against colds and flu seems to be most effective when taken before the infection is caught, or immediately the symptoms begin to show.

Scientific research (1) has shown that people taking garlic can suffer less from colds than a control group. There is also plentiful anecdotal evidence that taking large amounts of garlic at the onset of a cold can reduce the time taken to recover. As always, discuss any treatment with your doctor - garlic can interfere with the working of certain medical drugs.

Ok, I'mma continue eating it, to give it a chance to really work, because I truly believe in doing things the NATURAL way.

Since this is only day 2 of me eating GARLIC, I will keep you posted on my results.
While eating the GARLIC, I will also drink herbal tea, drop a couple of Lemon Halls down my throat, drink plenty of distilled water and of course get plenty of rest. Um, I forgot I have children, scratch out the rest part....LOL

Until Next Time,
Be Bless!
Brown Sistah

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