Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do you need a Prayer?

Greetings To You, what a busy day for me today, I must have been in a great mood because I finally cleaned my bedroom....yeah! :) and it looks sooooo much better, I had my husband & I winter clothes all over the place and clean laundry that I've washed 2-weeks ago still in bags, I have been one lazzzzy ass sistah and also I have been working, my entire family have been sick, including myself, I been working on my business I'm trying to start, I'm still attending to my children needs ( very exhausting) and I took my 3yr old to the Doctor on Friday (05-30-08) because everyone in my family has gotten well, but my little one was still running a fever and he also been having peeling skin (the entire body) I was like, what the F*** my lil-man is looking jacked-up
:) anyway we sitting in our family Doctors office and she checks out my lil-man and she asks me some questions regarding him...How long he's been with a fever? How long have his skin been peeling? so I answer of course, so she tells me that she believe my lil-man may have this disease called kawauski, or some shit, that's how F*** up I was, I don't even believe I spelled it right....LOL that's how F*** up I was :) So Ms Doctor tells me to take my lil-man to the hospital right away because he needs to be treated, she have written a letter for me to give to the emergency room Doctor regarding her opinion of my son sickness, so my husband & I took the letter and off we go to the emergency room, well people there have been at least 5-6 different Doctors at different times have been inside my room asking me 20-30 question regarding my lil-man, now I didn't mine the damn questions, but can you DOCTORS all come in at the same damn time to ask me questions and ( take notes) so that I don't have to repeat myself 5-6 different times...that's all I'm saying :)

Well my lil-man & I had to spend the night at the hospital, because "Yes" they confirm my lil-man had kawauski something disease...:( after all the tests and blood work have been done on my lil-man, a Disease Specialist came into our room the next morning and gave me some good news, he stated that my lil-man don't have kawauski something disease :) I was relieve because this disease can damage the heart and can form a blood clot in the heart or brain. How can you spell R-E-L-I-E-F? :)

Well, my lil-man had Scarlett-Fever with a bad stripped throat infection, he have been given liquid antibiotic in his IV and Tylenol and we were able to go home because my lil-man is a champ and he is feeling terrific....:) Thank God!

All Glory goes to God I Thank him/her soooo much!
Although, I don't attend Church, but I am a spiritual person and I will always Thank God for my good and bad times. So while I was in the most comfortable place in my home ( my bathroom) I keep a prayer book in there, it is written by Iyanla Vanzant and it's called "Every Day I Pray"
if you don't have this book I suggest you go out and purchase it or better yet go online @
to order this prayer book. I Believe you would love it, but in the mean time I have a prayer here that I love and I'm sure once you read it, you will love it as well. Are you ready? It's called

"The Perfect Prayer"

I Love you today, God
I Love you for all you are in me, all you are through me,
all you do as me.
I Love the realization that your grace is my strength.
I Love the understanding that your truth is my power.
I Love the knowledge that your wisdom is my guidance.
I Love the truth that you are my source and supply.
I Love the peace your presence brings.
I Love the answers your truth brings.
I Love the joy your love brings.
As I become aware and embrace all that you are as the essence
of me, I realize that I Love you today, God, and I thank you for
loving me back.
And So It Is!

Let the Church say Amen!
Peace & Love,
A Pretty Brown Sistah

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