Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Wants Some Clean House? Me!

My family and I are about to move into our own apartment pretty soon and I'm very excited about that, because right now were living with my mother and we have been since we relocated back here from Dallas, and that was in October 2007. I always wanted our own, but my husband kept stating, your mom is going to need us here with her, and the reason he says that is because my mother have 2 foster children, she adopted, their brothers and sisters, very hard headed and the girl is 12yrs old, but think she's 18yrs (yelp one of those) lmao, the place were living in is, well were very over crowned and I need my own space, my privacy, my own everything, you get what I'm saying? it took for a situation to happen here, to make my husband change his mine about living with my mother. I was going to leave him right here with her, because Brown Sistah was moving. Yelp, yes I was and watch how fast his azz would have came

I spent just about the entire day cleaning my bedroom up, I was only suppose to packing somethings, but I did a real good cleaning job and I'm proud of myself, it's like Ms. Niecy and her crew came all up in here and cleaned some sh**

I'm excited, we are moving into our own, we plan to stay at our new apartment for about 2-3yrs to save for a home, your girl got plans. yeaaaaaah!

Peace & Love,
Brown Sistah!

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