Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mix Emotions

A Brown Sister Story

Today I'm so emotional drained, can I say that, is there a such thing, oh well, I have so many emotions going through me today,

First of all...# 1. I got up early to go grocery shopping with my mom that was an emotional drain...(Crazy Face)
# 2. I went to do laundry and I had 6 bags, yes SIX bags, I went alone so I can clear my thoughts and try to relive some stress. What I found out about myself is that I can really get a clear head while I'm cleaning or doing laundry, now ain't that
(another Crazy Face)

# 3. I Need a Job...:(Sad Face)
#4. My Husband Needs a Job:(Double Sad Face)
#5. My family and I need a Place to live by the end of this Month:(Depressed Face)
#6. With no job and no money, how can we get a apartment:(All Faces mixed in one)* we live with my mother for now and she's ready for her own place.
#7. I hate I moved back to Chicago from Dallas:(Angry Face)
#8. Have no clue what to do:(Sad Face) but, I prayed to the Lord and I know he/she will deliver us from this disaster:) Happy Faces!!!!!!!!

Just the other day I didn't have not a dime, because things have been changeling for my family & I since we came back home here from Texas, that was the biggest mistake ever, I got a little home sick, I thought I was missing something here and look what I ran into, not nothing.
I thought I missed my family, but honesty we barely even see each other, my girlfriends have their own situation going on and we really don't see each other either, so what the Fvck was I missing, not sh**. I'm sooooo upset with myself now, jobs are so hard to find for myself and my hubby, so I decided to go back to School, I started June 23rd and this week I'm already on summer break, but that's cool because I really needed the time to look for employment. Any way back to I didn't have a dime, I was literately B R O K E, you see I haven't went to the laundry mac for a while, I didn't know how I was getting to School next week and I was thinking about quitting, but I said to myself, don't do that, stick to it and no matter what keep going, well my hubby and I didn't have money to go even look for a job, I try to keep a positive attitude because I believe what ever you think about, you bring about, so I don't want to create any negative thoughts, I'm keeping them positive, although my hubby think them sometimes before I have to stop him in his

Well, on Monday I had an Interview with a Call Center Company and It was such a beautiful day outside, I looked up at the sky and I start talking to God, I said it's such a beautiful day out today Lord, I Thank You so much for this day, I feel good today God, I will receive some good news today God, I Thank You for my good days and my bad days because each day is a blessing.
And I felt good, honestly I did. Like I stated I'm trying to keep a positive head and no matter what the day brings me, I'm keep a level head, because I love the Lord and I know he/she loves me and no matter what, this situation my family & I are in, we going to make it throw.

Well, when I got home, about an hour or 2 later, my Grandmother called me and said, you got a check over here, I said what, she said you got a check here, I said open it and see how much it is, so I hear her opening up the mail, she said it's for $00.00 (I won't say the real amount) I said for $00.00 she said no, for $0000.00 I said O' My and you can image what happen after that.

It was truly a GOOD DAY!

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah

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