Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Child Lost!

This is a Brown Sistah Story....

What Do you do?

When you done all you can for a helpless child....

My mother have a foster child, that she adopted more than 5yrs ago, she also adopted the little girl brother, actually she had the little boy since he was 2months and he is now 9yrs old, very hard head, smart mouth and so forth. Well, about 2-3yrs ago he started acting disorderly and some of my family members believe his behavior came about, when his sister came along, because she is a 12yr old that acts like a 20yr old, she have always, always, tried to act older than what she appear to be. She's 5"10 and 130lbs and a size 10 in shoes, some people mistaken here to be 16-18yrs old, she's a professional lier, let me say it again, PROFESSIONAL LIER!!!!!

She have a very bad attitude, very loud & smart mouth, she's always, always in fights, some of the Teachers and Asst. Principle at her School, don't want her there and my mother moved alot and at every School she causes a problem, she loves, loves, to hang around a lot of boys & grown men, she loves the out doors.

I'm my mother's oldest daughter and I have a brother who is 3yrs younger then me, we never, never even gave my mother a problem, even my sister, my mother adopted my cousin daughter when she was 8months and she's now 19yrs old, we all never given my mother any problems.

What is this little girl problem?

Do we whip that Azz? "Yes"

That still do not help, so my mother called DCFS, that's Department of Children Services in Chicago because she have a bad heart and she no longer wants the child, the case worker who answer the phone told my mom, that if she know of any one who would like to take her, she can give them guardianship over her for as long as she wants.

The lost child has a father that lives in Rockford, IL, but he's sick with Cancer and he has a sister that is willing to take her, she suppose to come and get her the beginning of August...What a Relief?

Well, that lit child got into trouble yesterday again for smart talking my mother, she called my little cousin (her suppose to be best-friend) a BIT** she told my mother she can't wait to get the hell out her house and my mother whipped that AZZ and told her she couldn't go outside no more, she went to bed last night and woke up to go to summer school and she haven't been home yet, so we seem to think the lost child ran away and this is the second time she did this, my mother went to the School and the Asst.Principle said she left out the building early, her original time to leave School is 12:30pm and she left at 12:15pm and the time now is 3:45pm.

Have we heard from her? "No"
We called the police about 1:30pm and they haven't arrived "YET"
I guess we will have to wait.

I was at School last night, so I wasn't here doing the azz whipping my mother given her, because if I was I was going to get that azz 2. I try, and I try, and I constantly tries to help her, I tries to get deep into the matter of the problem with her, she even cussed me out once and I got that azz, but she is always acting out, I tell her I Love her, I tell her I'm here for her, I give her hugs & kisses, I take her places, I teach her wrong from right, until my energy is gone.

I given up!

Everyone in my family talks to the child and It don't help.
I'm sorry, but I'm totally done, I'm DONE!
My husband and I talk to her about life and what's going on in the streets, she don't listen.
WE R Done!!!
It's a wrap!
I'm pray for her...
And peace be gone....

What else can I/WE do?
Talk 2 Me!

Peace & Blessing,
Pretty Brown Sistah

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