Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow,Cold & Lazy!

It's like 2-3 inches of snow outside, it's cold and I'm feeling very lazy, I walked my 7yrs old to School today and I almost turned back around, because it's a mess outside and people here in Chicago, tends to still drive fast in this snowy & icey weather. It's makes me mad, I just want to throw a snowball at their car.

I had a 2 do list for today, but have I started it, Nope!
I can't help it, I'm soooo lazy today:-(
I'm starting to write a teen book, along with my oldest son and that was on my 2 do list.
I'm cold, my bedroom is the coldest in the house, maybe because I have the most windows in the house. I have a little heater and it's not working very well, my next thing to do is, putting some plastic up to my windows to block out the air. It better work!

Why the drug dealers still out working their shift in the da** cold & snow? Crazy!!!

I need somebody to tell me if this is true...Birds in the feather, Flock together.
The reason I ask, is because Me, myself, will never hangout with a drug user, a hooker, negative people anybody that is not Inspiring. I'm not judging people, I'm just saying, I take my life, my dreams, my goals, my plans in life very seriously. I got dreams dammit and I'm not going to hangout with people who don't share the same interest as I. You like to get high off of drugs, I don't. So, Why would I hangout with you and my dream is to become a successful writer, publisher and also a business owner. I Love to stay inspired, I get my inspiration from God, positive people in my life, reading the Bible and reading inspiring books, also from believing. I believe I can accomplish anything and I will not allow anyone to take that away from me.
My whole reason for saying this is because my husband hangs with people, I don't approve of and his way of thinking is jacked-up. We have dreams, but always speak and think negative about them and I try to be encouraging, but he fails to listen so I told him to keep his thoughts to himself, I don't need no negative speaker around me and honestly sometimes I think we are not going to be married long, because we have different outlooks on life. Ok, enough of this...
I just read this today and decided to share...

When God gets ready to bless you, He doesn't ask anybody if He can do it. He just blesses you anyway.

I'm done now, Have a good one!
Brown Sistah

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