Friday, September 26, 2008

The Hubby!

My Husband, I Love him, God knows I do, but yall he gets on my last nerves. I have 3 Children and I feel at times like I have 4...lmao, this man wants some much attention, it's ridicules and it's only when he drinks beer ( he be a tipsy) Other then that I'm doing my thing and he's doing his, which is...I'm on the computer and he's watching T.V.

It's really becoming very aggravating and I'm serious :-(
First, he talks real LOUD and then he talks to MUCH and I tried talking to him about it and he do not care, he knows EVERYTHING, Oh My God, he knows EVERYTHING and that gets on my last nerves. LOL

I'm a peaceful person and around 8Pm, I'm looking for peace & quiet from dealing with our children, going to school, looking for work, dealing with my mom and looking for a new apartment & stuff. I like to relax, I don't watch TV much and when I do, I would like to watch it peacefully, but can I do that, noooooooooooo Mr. Hubby wants to talk during the TV program that I'm watching and gets mad if I don't talk to him. What kind of shit is that? When he's watching TV, I let him be, but me, nooooooooooooo he wants to know what happen, who is that, and I look at him and I say if you wasn't talking to someone else you would have known.
I mean he bugs me bad, I mean I gets very angry and I tell him and he know how I am?????? What? Shut-UP!!!!

My Hubby will go and rent movies for him and the family to watch and my mother will come out her room to watch the movies with him and guess what he do?
He talks through the movie and then tries to tell her what he thinks gonna happen...lmao
my mother will get up and leave. And the sad thing is, he will come and tell me that she left because he was talking, of course man....

I mean, What else can I do?
He tells me that I don't give him any attention and I try to give him attention, but I feel like he acts to much like a baby and that makes me mad and Lord don't let him get sick, he's really a big azz baby, because if I'm sick, he will not know it, because I keep it moving, I don't like laying up in the bed all day, looking for attention, I have to be really sick to lay in the bed all day and still I don't cry about it:-)

So, I spoke to one of my best-friends about it, she been married for 20+yrs and she told me to smother him with a lot of attention, I mean a lot, until he gets aggravated by it and she says watch what he say, she says if he get up and wants to leave, tell him that your going to, even if he's going out with friends, just smother him with attention.

And guess what? Tomorrow is the day, that I will do it...I'm make his azz tied of me:-))
Attention, I'm give you some attention...

Anybody got any more advice, let me know!

Happy Friday!!!

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