Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Need a VaCaTiOn!

I Like that song or Rap, whatever you want to call it, by Jeezy, it's called "I need A Vacation"

I swear I need a vacation...
Away From My whole family, From School, From Looking for a job, because it's a job just looking for a job (if you no what I mean) I need to go

Brown Sistah just need a vacation!

Have you ever felt drained, I feel like I do some much for other people that I don't have time for myself, I mean I suppose to take care of my children and even my husband, but sometimes he act like one of the children and he requires to much attention. I don't mine giving my husband attention for a couple of hours, but shit if I don't get some of the day to myself, I can be mean.
Like I love reading and I also love being on the computer, it gives me peace :-) and you know, a woman must get her peace. My husband is a TV phonetic and I'm not, he gets upset if I don't watch TV with him sometimes and when I'm reading or online, he do his best to distract me and I gets very mad and have to tell him...I'm a woman that is requiring to get some peace.

So, It's more that is stressing me out, but I can get into that later, but until then...
I need a Vacation, somewhere I can go and relax, sit on the beach,watch a beautiful view ,Eat Good Delicious food and you see were I'm going with this:-) So if anybody want to pay for me a trip to Jamaica, I would appreciate it...LoL

Peace & Love!
Pretty Brown Sistah

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