Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Could Some People Say...

That they don't like someone and they don't even know anything about that person, I would never understand that. I believe that you are judging that person just by their looks or, or just by whatever someone told you about that person. Which can be false information or someone that you very cool with don't like that person, so Guess What? Now, they or rather you don't like that person either.

Can we get over that?

The very person that you don't like, might just be the person you may need in the future, but some people don't think about it that way. All they know is THEY DON"T LIKE HIM OR HER!
God bring people into your life for his/her purpose and plan and that very person that you don't like, might just be the person God will place into your life to help you grow. You maybe going through a very challenging situation and that one person, you don't like because your "Friend" don't like them, maybe they person who God place in you life, to help you out your challenging situation, or whatever the case maybe. So I'm asking before you decide to say, that you don't like a person, close your mouth and at least try to get to know that person before you just simply say I DON'T LIKE HER OR HIM.

They get caught up in the negativity and they hold on to it, with a tight grip (a strong fist)
And maybe that's all that person know and it would take a positive person in their group or circle of friends to turn that negative situation into a positive situation.

How could that happen?

Well, You simply ask that person questions pertaining to their reasons for disliking that person, you get to the bottom of it, you let them know your opinion on the situation, in a positive way.

I don't ever recall saying, that I don't like a person, because I normally like everybody, I believe to be a people person, friendly, outgoing, lovelable, loving, kind of girl. I'm the way God created me and I try to always remember, that God is watching, I would always ask myself questions like,Would God approved of me doing this? Would God approve of me having dislike in my heart? or Hatred in my heart and the answer is no, he would not approve. I Love God sooooo much and I just want to do right, Am I perfect, like Frankie says...(Keyshia Cole Mom) absolutely not, I just aim to do right:-

(This is STRICTLY for people who dislike a person, just because they just don't like them)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pretty, Brown SiStAh