Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stop Bragging...Who Cares?

I'm not a jealous person,I'm not jealous of what you have, I don't wish to be like you, I don't wish I was you, I'm just not that type of person, I'm perfectly happy being me, I might don't have a lot, but I got something and guess what, I appreciate everything God have bless me with. I'm really serious about this, because I think, when ever this certain person talks to me, they always have to add a price tag on everything that they have purchase and honesty, I think you really crazy for spending that kind of money on certain things that you buy. (In my opinion)
I thought, that this person just wanted to share their information with me, out of friendship and it's been going on for awhile (I'm call her Janice) that Janice been doing this and I really didn't pay it any attention, until we have certain conversation about me and that I don't have money to do certain things or go shopping, and then that's when Janice bragging starts.

Like when I was working, had a okay job, I was able to do some stuff, I did not receive any phone calls from Janice and when I call her, she will not answer the phone, but she calls me all the damn time now, because she think I don't got shit. Maybe, I'm just tripping, because I am on my period and shit. LOL..sorry, but I don't think I'm tripping, you tell me.

I don't have a job, my funds are very low, but I got God, my family, my health & strength, I got food, clothing, & a place to lay my head. I'm working on my African Product business, I'm in school for Business/Computer, I'm working on my teen book with my teen son and so much stuff. See, I got a lot, a whole lot!

I'm sooo happy, I got happy feet!
Because, I feel a change is coming, I feel it, I trust God and that's all I no people, I know he/she will not let me down.

I'm soooo happy being me, no matter what I have, please believe me!
God no's I'm blessed and forever will be bless, even if I live in a shelter, each day is a new beginning and it's up to me on what I want to do with it and believe me, I'm going to make the best of it!

I have so many goals, that I'm working toward and hopefully, I'm hearing God correctly and if I am, things are going to go abundantly well for me. I trust God, I Believe he/she is making a way for me to prosper and I'm looking to take people along the way with me.

I ask God to Bless me, so that I can be a Blessing to others and that's how I feel.
So, I Love, Love being me, again, I don't care what you have, what you getting or where you are going and if you reading this blog, I don't care.

I'm very happy for you, I'm happy for your happiness and I always will be (smile)

Peace & Blessing!
Pretty Brown Sistah

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