Saturday, February 21, 2009

HGTV 2009 Dream Home Giveaway

Faithfully, On a Daily basis I was submitting my name and information to win this BEAUTIFUL home in Sonoma, California, my husband says to me...Why are you applying for this? You know we are not going to win and I looked at him and I said...No, honey child, you not going to win, because you see, I have been the one submitting my information for this big win, not you and just because we are "Married" don't mean you coming with me if "I" win":-)

So little faith he have...lmao

I'm kidding I would bring him along, man make me sick (I'm pouting)

But, Look at this Beautiful Home and I'm saying it lightly, but check it out>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Simply Beautiful!

This here is the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bath

Check out this Kitchen, OMG!

The Living Room

The Dining Area

Another Living Room

Like I said and I'm sure you will agree with me, this house is amazing and also expensive, but I enter to win and if God bless my family and I with this Dream home of mines, it would be a Blessing.

Pretty Brown Sistah


South Loop Social Light said...

I watch HGTV and the homes they give away are stunning. I love the green paint color contrasting with the white furniture in the one bedroom. It's beautiful.

BrownSistah said...

It is beautiful and to bad I didn't win, I'm soooo sad! LOL