Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Breaking Out !

Or should I say, I'm ready to branch out, into our own living space. At the moment my family, which is my husband, my 3children and self are living with my mother here in Chicago (West-Side)
At the moment, my husband or myself are not working, he gets unemployment for now, but the both of us are seeking employment.

I'm also. looking to work from home, operate my own business, but sometimes I ask myself...

Will my business be profitable?

Due to the recession that we are facing, there are a lot of people without cash, me being one, but I also say, Whatever I think about I bring about, so if I think people are are temporary out of cash or simply broke, due to the economy, then my business will become whatever I think about, so therefore my business will not prosper.

Do you understand me?

What I also know is, There are still a lot of people that are working or have a business of their own, who do have cash and will also purchase products from my business. Some people, who are on a tight budget or who have limited cash, will still go out and buy what they want.

So, I'm starting my business, I'm creating a positive image in my head, that my business will be successful, I will profit from it, I will provided the best products, I will be very friendly, Out going and everything I can be to have a successful business:-)

I just jumped way off of subject here, I'm sorry, but anyway, my family and I have been sharing a apartment with my mom for about 2yrs now and I'm just ready to move.

It's nothing like having your own place, I tell you and I know somebody out there, totally agree with me. My family and I have had a place of our own before and it was soooo wonderful, it was peaceful, my children were able to play around the house peacefully, we were able to walk around naked as a jay-bird yall ( they may have been to-much-info) but shit, I'm trying to get a point across, when you have your own, it's your, it's your and I'm ready to get my own and actually I believe my mother is ready to have her own as well.

I get so tied of her making commits or talking about my husband behind his back to my brother or her mother or she will say something to me about him, which are true, but she will not address him with the situation.

My husband do everything for my mother, I mean he do things for her, that God knows I wouldn't do or my brother wouldn't do. My brother hates to do anything for her, like take her to make groceries or any place he feels she's gonna take sometime in doing, he hurts her feelings all the time and my mother goes out her way for him, he hurt her feelings all the time and not only about taking her places but if she ask him to borrow some cash, he gets mad.

He lives with my grandmother and have no children and no car notes, because he paid cash for his car, which is good, but that's her baby.

I'm in school right now and I will be graduating in June of this year and I pray that God bless my husband with a job or bless him with the opportunity to start a business also, whatever it takes to bring cash into our hands or God bless me with a job or successful run a business so that we can save money to move out on our own, I can just see my dream coming true, I can just feel it, I just believe it and I have faith that we will move out into our own and also have the successful job or business that we both dream about.

Our plan and goals are to save up enough cash, so that we can relocate, my husband desire of choice is Dallas, Texas, he likes Dallas and I like Dallas also, but we do have other states in mine like...
1. Atlanta
2. North Carolina
3. Washington DC

I told him, we will pray about and what ever God decides is where we will be going.
I know one thing or I know a couple of things and that is...

1. We will find a job or successfully run a great business.
2. We will be moving into our own.
3. We will be relocating.
4. We will stay prayerful.
5. We will do everything in our power to make our Dreams come true.

I'm getting sleepy, so I will chit-chat with yall good people later.

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

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