Monday, May 11, 2009

I messed up!

I have not been blogging lately, because my children been sick with the flu, which I also totally messed up my cleanse due to them being sick...Yes, I'm blaming my mess up on my children...LOL

I have seriously kinda messed up my cleanse, but I haven't eaten any red meat, I have eaten chicken the other day and ooooh chocolate, yes I have chocolate, but not to much, just one candy bar.

I'm starting over, this Sunday, I hope the Lord forgive me, but I'm picking myself back up, so that's good, right? This time, I'm not going to be this drastic, I'm do a little at a time, like I'm start with eliminating the red meat first and pull away from the sugar/candy bars or whatever.

I'mma do it slow, this is going to work for me, please pray for me blog world.

Talk 2 ya soon!
Brown Sistah


Tazzee said...

Hey Lady! Where are you? I pray you started back on your cleanse.

BrownSistah said...

Blessings, Thank You and I am!
I'm keep you posted.