Friday, May 1, 2009

My Little 1's

I have a 7yr old son name Nairobi, we call him Robi, I met him around the corner from my apartment today, he was coming home from school and I asked him...Are you going with your grandma over to your cousin house at 4PM to see your cousin Shakenna go on prom? He said...Are they having food?
I said...No and he looked at me and said...Nope! I was laughing so hard, I since they not serving food, you don't want to go...He said...No

Last Sunday, My 4yr old Jabari, we call him Bari, when I call both my boys, I call them R & B, so anyway, Jabari and I were watching Joel Osteen on BET last Sunday night, he asked who was Joel Osteen God, I looked at him and I said no and I start explaining to him who Joel Osteen was and who God is and so BET always have Joel Osteen, website at the top of the TV and some advertisement pertaining to Joel Osteen events, so Jabari points to the top of the TV were the website was advertise he says...What do that say? I said...that's his website, Jabari says...It looks like it say SpongeBob to me. Talking about somebody laughing so hard, he looked at me and he start laughing and kissing me, I said..little boy you are to much, go to bed.

The other day, I took my oldest son to go register at Malcolm X College, I had to help him get start and to see if they needed anything from me by him being only 17yr old and as my oldest son was filling out the paper work, Jabari says...Where are we going after this?
I said...home, I have to go to school, He go tell not going no school, you go sit in your chair and get on your computer and watch TV with me, I start laughing, I you just want me to stay home with you.

My children are a trip, I love them and I'm so glad that they choose me to be their mom:-)

Anyway, Happy Friday!!!
I have nothing plan, as always, I just cooked and I'm home alone and I'm about to relax in the bed with me a book and my TV on HGTV.

I have to make me some tea as well, my throat is sore.

What are your plans for this week-end?

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah

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Marilie said...

Children always say the craziest things, LOL! I don't have any kids, but I do have 6 nieces and nephews, and the things they say sometimes...all I can do is fall out laughing. :)