Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Oldest...

Son has an job interview at Sears today!!!!!! I'm so excited for him, he's excited as well!

They called him around 10AM and gave him a interview time for 4PM today, he was ready by 12noon....LOL

I gave him a practice interview, he had on the correct interview clothing, around 4PM we lefted the house, I borrowed my grandmother van and we were on our way!

Before, he got on the elevator to meet the interviewer, I had to look him over again and he had on earrings , similar to the ones he have on in this picture and I told him to take them off.

Let me tell yall, his interviewer was a woman, my son went into the human resource office and he had 2 people before him and the lady had to have them in her office for about 2mins each.

My 4yr old I were glancing around the store, we were in the little boys department and I was working my way to the lingerie department and here comes my son, I looked at him and he said...She only asked me 3 questions it was...

1. How much do you expect to get paid?

2. How many hours do you expect to work?

3.Why do you want to work for Sears?

And that was it, I'm like, shit this woman is going to give me some damn gas money, she could have asked this shit over the phone...LOL

But, that's what I was thinking to myself, but she did tell my son, that they would get back with him next week.

I was also thinking, Why my interviews never go that fast?

Pray for my child, he really wants a job and his mother (me) really wants him to have one as well:-)

I'mma get back with yall later and I'mma let you peeps know if my son got the job.

Until Next Time,
Live life to the fullest!

Brown Sistah


Tricia said...

My fingers are crossed for him

Tazzee said...

LOL - your interviews aren't that short because I'm sure your contribution to the company is much greater than his.

I pray he gets the job, but how will he get to work?

Pretty Brown Sistah said...

@ Tazzee he can take two buses, I took him because I wanted to go to Sears and I was excited for him, I was joking about the time being interviewed for me:-)

@Tricia...Thank You!