Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a Sunday?

My Sunday started out with me waking up at 8AM, I normally wake up or I set my clock to 7AM, but it didn't happen this morning, but that was ok, everyone was still asleep (thank God) I have to get up early, before everyone so I can spend time alone with God.

I say my prayers, I read 4 verses in my bible, sometimes I write in my journal or I'm writing a Dear God letter. I'm also reading The Purpose Driven book which is very good, sometimes I don't get a chance to do the journal writing because my children wake up.

I iron my clothes and my children clothes for church, they ate breakfast and we were out the door. I didn't eat because I'm on a week fast, from 6am-6pm, I might stretch it, I really don't no, but looking at my situation, I need to fast for 6months...LOL

Church service was over at 2:15pm, which ran over 1 hour and 15mins, which was fine with me, because I love my Paster and I love being in church.

I'm still working on my husband going, but he says he's not ready,ummm ok, I'm just going to keep praying for him and I'm guessing one day he will show up. My mother also, she makes so many excuses not to attend church, either she didn't have nothing to wear or don't feel good and when she throws that one in, I come home from church and she be up cussing people out.

I'm not making excuses, I'm going and my children are going also, I been slacking on my teen, he haven't been either, but I told him today, you going next Sunday, rather you like it or not.

I got home from church and I cooked, I fried some good ole chicken, I made green beans, and some garlic & herb potatoes. There were some lefted over biscuits from breakfast this morning and I heated them up and served them as well.

My husband full and so are my children and I must say...I am also!
You know what happens when we get full, you got it!

We get sleepy, but I didn't fall asleep, I cleaned my bedroom, put on some good ole clean sheets for my bed as well as my children, helped my 3rd grader with some home-work and I listen to him read.

At last..I got them ready for their bath, we added bubble bath and tons of toys!
I allowed then to find the under wear of their choice and also their pajamas and they was all set, now in my head they should be sleepy.....NOT!

It was 8:15pm when they got out of the bath tub and they asked or begged me to let them stay up for a little while longer, so I allowed them to stay up until 9pm, in which it's around that time now as I type this and guess what...

My 4yr old is sitting in the same chair with me, he always likes to sit wherever I'm sitting, mama spoil
And he fail asleep, he don't like to fall asleep alone, he always has to be by his mama. My 8yr old don't care, he's mama big baby, he don't need me to fall asleep, because he knows he's to big anyway and this little one (the 4yr old) just don't know he is about to start being a big boy also.

That's something I have to break him from, he's getting a older and he's old enough to be able to sleep without me near him.

I'm restless now and seeking some peaceful time, I'm on my way to take a hot and relaxing bubble bath myself, so I will talk 2 ya later!

Until next time,
Peace, Love, & Happiness!
Pretty Brown Sistah

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