Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 Things About Me!

Greetings to all, I'm feeling a little bored around here, so I decided to tell you 10 things about myself, this should be fun:-) Ok,

1. I'm a Part-time student here in Chicago, I'm in school for Business Computers, when I first started it was Business Administration and that's what caught my eye. It really is Business Computer I guess, because I will be having some business classes and I already completed my Microsoft Programs, which I really enjoyed. I shall be completely done this June of 2009!
I'm really proud of myself, because I sometimes will start something and don't finish, but I'm doing good I've been a student now since June of 2008.

2. I'm Married to a Wonderful man, who I love and who loves me back, that's what's important.
My auntie Dot (who passed away) said... Find someone who loves you more than you love them.
I miss her:-) Everyone is not PERFECT and my husband is not perfect, he is a great man, but he have habits that I don't like and I'm sure I have habits that he don't like, but I just haven't heard it. Last night sitting in class, something came to me and that something was for me and my husband to have "Let's Talk" night, to me that will help us communicate more and also better. We will speak about whatever is on our mine and be truthfully honest. I wrote out motivational questions from some of my best motivational speakers and I also have questions of my own, hopefully he will also. I want it to help us grown and build a better marriage, because my husband gets depress a lot and I really hate to see a depress black man and I do all I can to keep him motivated. We also don't communicate well to each other, so I believe this will work out, along with prayer.

3. I have 3 Boys...Rashee 17, Nairobi 7 and Jabari 4 Lord knows I Love my children, Lord knows I do, but them suckers get on my nerves sometimes. Nairobi, don't really care for school, because he is a Mommy & Daddy baby. He wants to be with us all day and my husband said he was like that when he was young. He is just now making some adjustment in school because he was failing and we talked to him a lot about school and the whole education talk.
My oldest son Rashee decides he would rather work than go to school and we also gave him the whole education talk and last but not least my little baby, as I call him is not in school yet and I can't wait til he go and to me he is the smartest child I got! LMBO

4. I don't like to me bother when I come in from school or if I'm working. I can't stand it!
My thing is...Give me at least 1 hour to rest, clear my head, warm up or something, but don't bother me. I swear I will have a ATTITUDE!

5. I don't like to be bother when I'm looking at TV, I don't look at it much anyway and when I do, my husband wants to talk and I'm talking about a man who can really, really talk. It gets on my nerves sooooooo bad until I just ignore him and then he gets mad. Hears the thing, when he's looking at TV, I don't bother him, but when I want to really listen to what someone is saying on TV, he talks to me and I think he does it on purpose.

6. I love to Read, it's a must that I read something every day or I can't go to sleep, sounds crazy right? But, I Love to Read! I have my bedroom full of books and I still have like 50-75 books on my list to buy. My family know me as the person who love to read. Reading is Fundamental, Reading gives me a peace of mine, I love to learn and I learn a lot by reading.

7. I'm a very friendly and Nice person, I believe it's easier to be nice, than to be evil. Life will go so easy if each person just be nice to each other. Friendly, again it will be so much easier to be friendly toward each other. You never know who God have you cross path with, it just may be that person who can help you. So be as nice as possible!

8. I'm a Pretty Plus size Sistah who is looking to release the weight in 09 and I'm looking to take serious people along with me. I'm forming a group here in Chicago call "Someone Like Me"
It will be a support group for people who are serious about becoming healthy and fit.
I been Juicy now for about 10yrs, I was a small frame, until I had babies.
I carry most of my weight in my hips & behind (booty) and my husband told me not to loss my booty. LMBO

9. I'm not working at the moment, I have been putting in application online and also I go out to fill out applications and nothing has come up yet. Since, I'm the type of person who can't just sit down on her but and think opportunities going to come to, I decided to start a couple of businesses of my own, one is a Cleaning Business that My husband, Son and I are working on as a family, my other is Opening a online store, I will sell off line also at Flee Markets and at other events. My products are purses, stationary, jewelry and etc... I'm working on that as well as writing articles online for money. These opportunities will all work out, only if God is willing!

10. I Believe in God, but I don't attend anybodies church. I'm a Spiritual Human being, that prays and believe that there's only one God. I don't call him/her Allah, Jehovah or any other religious name, I call him/her God and sometimes I believe God can be a woman. Yep, I said it I believe God can be a she instead of a he:-) I read the Bible sometimes, but I can't really quote you on nothing because I don't study it and the reason I don't study it because for some reason I think it was created my White men, I be like how they know God said that, so it's crazy, because sometimes I would tell myself to read it anyway, no matter who wrote it, it has some very positive messages. I also believe the Bible have been tamper with and I be saying... How are they coming up with this New Testament stuff? I don't know, I'mma pray about it. I do believe that there is a God and no one can tell me other wise.
I Believe, I Believe, I Believe in God!

So there you have, I have more to share but would do at a later time.
I hope you enjoy!

Be Good, Be Nice, Be friendly!
Brown Sistah

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