Friday, January 9, 2009

I haven't done this in awhile...

1. Worked (a job that I like)
2. Relaxation
3. Shopping
4. Out on a Date (with husband)
5. Girls night out
6. Pampering time alone
7.Went to Church
8. Had good sex (Yep I said it)
9. Told other family members I Love Them!
10. Release Weight
11. Out Partying
12. Having a good time with husband
13. Had a Real Live Emotional, Heart 2 Heart with husband.
14. Slept with oldest son father...hahahaha
15.Being Me!

This is 2009 Baby Some Shit is about to change, everything I stated above is about to come to life...

Except sleeping with oldest son father, I would never do that!
I don't think:-) Nope, I'm kidding I would never sleep with him EVER!

Peace & Blessings,
Brown Sistah

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