Sunday, June 14, 2009


I went to a new Church today and it's right behind my house, for about a month, I been getting up, getting on the train and going to this other church that I use to enjoy, well, I still light the Church, but I really enjoyed The Light House Church today, I felt so good, I even joined.

Yes, I joined today, I was moved by the spirit to join and that's what I did, it felt right, I felt good, I felt so welcomed, the Pastor was wonderful, I'm still speechless, it's like I can't explain it, but I still feel good and I'm sooo excited.

I"m trying to build a relationship with God, The Bible says "Draw near to me and I will draw near to you" so that's what I'm doing. I really don't know the bible much, but I am learning and in the past I didn't believe in the bible, because I kept thinking it was created by a white men, but anyway, I'm over that and I said to myself, if it was created by a white man, I'm going to still read it anyway, because it's so powerful, inspiring and moving.

I can't stop reading it now, I prayed for a lot of things and God is so good, I see the things that I prayed for appearing in my life today and I'm so excited, I'm really excited about this journey that I'm about to embark upon, this new found walk with God that I'm on and it feels soooooo good!

Can yall feel what I'm say? I feel like I'm speaking or typing so fast, that my words are not making since, but please understand that I just Love God so much and this feeling, that I am feeling, I never felt before and I just feel God moving in me and through me and I ask for that, so I'm happy!

Thank You Jesus!

I have to go, because I'm sleep and have to work 2morrow, so take care and until next time,
Be Good! Be Safe!

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah

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