Sunday, June 7, 2009

My thoughts!

1. Have you ever seen or heard of someone, who thinks that you suppose to stop what you are doing to cater to they needs, but they don't want to do the same for you. Well, that's my brother, he don't no nothing about nothing but trying to be the boss, how you go be the boss and don't no shit! I did his resume for him, I helped him create a Career Builder resume and I helped him create a email address @, so the fool calls here on a Sunday, which is today and tells me he's about to come down and check his email, I told him he can't come down here now, because I have alot to do on my computer and he can come later, he says ok, let me speak to my momma, I handed my mother the phone and this damn fool go tell my mother...She said she got alot to do on her computer, that's why I can't wait to Lo (my grandmother, who he lives with) get her internet on Wednesday and starting talking shit to my mother, so my mother told him well fool (my words not hers) she might do have alot to do, she do her homework online and other stuff. I told my mother, I'm not letting him use shit, she always feel sorry for the fool and tells me....don't say nothing, just let him use it later. You better believe, if he bring his but down here (he lives a couple of houses down from us) I'm let him know, things don't go the way you want them to go all the time and especially not with me, I'm not going to do it!
My business is just important then yours, so realize that!

2. I started a temporay job about 3 weeks ago, I'm very happy about it, the assignment was only to last for 2 weeks, but the company says that they would need our services for another month
I'm really happy about that and even though I stand on my feet for 8hrs, the work is really easy, I'm a copying clerk, I copy Lawyers and other business people files or records all day, easy work, the people there are sooooo nice and actually I wrote a note on what I was looking for in a job, the pay, the location, friendly office environment, I wanted it to be part-time (because I'm in school) and I prayed over it and place it in my bible and God have blessed me with this job, the location, the pay, and the friendly office environment was what I asked and prayed for right on point. I'm working full-time 7-3Pm Mon-Fri and I suppose to be at school from 1:45-5:30Pm, but I get there at 3:15Pm because it's right around the corner from my school, I told my instructor that I was working a temp job for now and I will be late for school until the end of June and he said....You got to do, what you got to do:-)

3. I decided to start a game night for my family and I, just to do someting as a family, we never really do anything as family, I'm starting with the women first, then there will be couples only, then I'm going with bringing the entire family on board. Each member will have the opportunity to host the party for the month that they choose, for the month of June, I'm going to start it, since I am the creater...LOL I believe, the game I'm going to go with will be Bunco, now I have to find out how the game needs to be played. I'm going to have each member bring $5 bucks and who ever win the game will get the cash. Actually, I got this idea from The Sister group I'm with call Sisters with Connection located in Dallas, TX

4. I was born and raised here in Chicago and although just about all of my family members live here, the ones who I connect with daily. We are having a family reuniun here in Chicago, in July and I'm soooo excited about it, because just recently, I just started meeting other members of my family members (Thanks Facebook) some live in Houston, Detroit, Nebraska, and Atlanta, I just can't wait to meet them in person, I never been to a family reunion before, not mines or at least I can't remember, anyway like I was saying I been in the Chi-town just about my entire life and guess what? I'm ready to leave again, if I was in my right mind, I would have stayed in Dallas, it was such a beautiful place to live, I'm not saying Chicago, is not a nice place to stay, what I'm saying is I'm looking to explore another city, I want to see something different, well some would say...just move to another neighborhood girl, no thank you, I want to leave here.
So, I'm working on and planning to leave the city of Chicago within 2yrs or less the cities I been thinking about is.....Atlanta, North Carolina, Arizona, Houston, Dallas (again) Florida, I been thinking hard about Atlanta and I think it beats out all the other places I been looking at.
So, look out for me ATL, unless God choose another location for me:-) Atlanta been in my gut for sometime now and I'm really thinking about living there, but Dallas has as well, I still have family there that would love for me & my family to be there.

5. This is the 2nd week I have missed church and I told God this morning, that this will be the last time, I miss going, I been having problems walking, my knees and ankle been hurting me sooo bad, to the point, I could barely walk. I have a Doctor's appointmnent June 23, so I'm going to check that out and I have to get rid of this weight, I'm a juicy girl, I look good, don't get it twisted people:-) I'm just not happy with this weight and bacisally I'm tied of caring it around with me, every where I major problem is my arms, stomach, aww shoot, who am I'm kidding, I got major problems all over:-(.... but, I do like my but, I guess I can say I'm a pear shape woman, my waist line is small, but I have alot of bottom, if you know what I mean.
I'm tied of complaining, so it's leaving this body, I believe I would be comfortable with being a size 9-10 I don't want to be real skinny, I still want my husband to be able to hold onto something and he thinks, I'm fine the way that I am. Whatever!

I guess, I'm done talking yall head off..LOL
I will be back tomorrow, actually I said that I will start blogging more regularly, so look to hear from me tomorrow, if God is willing!

Be Good! Be Safe!

Peace & Blessings!


Tazzee said...

I'm glad you like your job - working with nice people makes work much better.

I'll be looking for you in ATL

BrownSistah said...
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BrownSistah said...

Yes, I enjoy working there,in fact at this point in time, I would like working anywhere girl:-)

I can't wait to meet you, I just found out that I have family there and I have a new girlfriend there also, who's motivating me to come.

I'm so excited about coming:-)

Peace & Blessings!