Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Micheal Jackson Dedication

On June 25, 2009, We have lost The King of Pop, we all know who that is, because there is no other and in my humble opinion there will never, ever be another...Micheal Jackson, I'm still in complete shock and lost for words, I am a Micheal Jackson fan and so is every one in my family.

My 7yr old learned of Micheal Jackson over a year in a half ago and all he wanted me to do was play Micheal Jackson, he didn't care if it was on the internet or put in a Micheal Jackson CD, so my husband went out and bought him a Radio/Cd player and we bought him a Micheal Jackson CD, yall my child listen to Micheal Jackson all day, he fell asleep with the headphones on, with the sheet and blanket over his head, I laughed so hard, I was like my baby is going Micheal Jackson crazy and if that wasn't enough, I went on youtube and found all the Micheal Jackson video's that I can find for him, from the time Micheal was with his brothers The Jackson Five, singing..ABC as easy as 123 and of course all the other fabulous tunes the Jackson's have made.

My 7yr old, starting noticing a change in Micheal Jackson, from when he was a little boy or a little black boy, to a Grown azz wanna be white boy Micheal Jackson...lol..I just had to add that, but anyway, my son start noticing that Micheal Jackson was not the same Micheal Jackson any more after the "Thriller" video...He start noticing Micheal Jackson skin color change, his nose and all the other stuff that my boy Micheal Jackson changed about him self, so my child, ok, (this is when he start being fascinated with Micheal Jackson), ok he watched "Thriller" and then he watched "Remember the time" and the other video's when Micheal start getting lighter, my child looked at me and said.....Mama, this is not Micheal Jackson, boy did my husband and I start laughing, I said....Yes baby, that is Micheal Jackson, he just made some changes to his skin & nose, but after that he really didn't ask anything else and he really didn't care, all he knew was he love Micheal Jackson, he didn't care what changes Micheal Jackson made to himself, he looked at him like I did, a very talented, successful man who can perform his but off and had the baddest songs ever.

No one could ever compare to Micheal Jackson, I wish I had the opportunity to take my children to see him in concert, but he is gone and we will remember him in our heart and if we really start missing him soooo badly, we can always log onto youtube and watch some of our very own favorite Micheal Jackson video's.

I know all his CD's are sold out at all the stores, so we are going to have to wait for at least a couple of weeks or order them off line.

I wish the media can just bag up off of him, they are so mean, so harsh, so cruel, they always talked bad about him about him at times and they rarely even spoke about the good Micheal Jackson was doing and as for all that molestation crap, I never believed it, I never ever believed it and I'm sorry, that's my opinion and as a matter of fact, I was just reading a email stating that the first boy, that claim Micheal Jackson sexually molested him was LYING and Micheal settle out of court with 20 or 22 millions of dollars, come to find out that was not true, so I hope Micheal Jackson family take that to court and press charges against that family that lied on him, that's a crying shame the things people do for money, it's really sad and they will pay, better believe that.

OK, let me go, I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures that I got from off a entertainment gossip blog.

Peace & Blessings!
Brown Sistah


Tazzee said...

I love the pictures you posted of Michael, especially the first one. How did your babe take the news of MJ passing?

BrownSistah said...

He was hurt and in complete shock, he still can't believe he's died and me as well.

Peace & Blessings!