Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, My temporary assignment has ended Monday morning, because I was working 3rd shift and I'm kinda glad because I use to get soooo sleepy working that 3rd shift, I use to get so sick, to when I be came extremely sleepy, to the point to were it felt like I was going to vomit, my stomach use to hurt really bad, that was really strange to me. I told my recruiter no more 3rd shift for me, but if it pays right, I may consider it...LOL

When you have no funds coming in and you have a family you have to take care of, yes I will consider it. Especially in my situation that my family and I are in, man I will take anything:-)

I guess you are wondering about the 2-2-2 and I need to play that in the lottery..LOL

Well, as I posted on here before, my family and I we share an apartment with my mom, it was never permanent only temporary. We never set a date or a time frame on when we will move apart, but I did say once I get a permanent job and my husband get a permanent job, either or, we will move. The job situation been kind of challenging, I have been finding temp. jobs, but at this moment I need to clarify to my job recruiter to look out for me something permanent.

Just about every job we see for my husband or even myself at times, you need a car, because it's in the far suburbs and we don't have a car. My step daughter is considering giving us a car, but haven't heard anything back yet, I believe the car is getting repaired.

But anyway, so we are living all together and my mother, being the true Gemini that she is, gets in her depressed moods and like every 2-3 months decides she's ready to move away into her own, like I'm not ready to move away from her, it's just that it's been hard trying to find a stable job and that's whats keeping us staying together, I'm ready to move, my family and I need our own place and space for that matter, we are living ok here at the moment, we're not really uncomfortable, we are not stacked up on top of each other like sardines, we have 31/2 bedrooms, my childrens room, is inside my bedroom, so they have they own bed.

Our plan was for us to stay together, until I or either my husband or the both of us find a permanent job, then we will (hubby & I) keep the place we are in right now and my mother move out into her own place, like a 2bedrm for her and her adopted son.

But, every time she gets in a (I don't no what to call it) I will call it strange mood, she have a change of plans, it's like every 2-3 months she tells me, she's moving or going to move, what I'm angry at is, she never sticks to our plan, I understand she wants to move out into her own and it's only far, but my family and I are not stable to move, we have no money, no job to move and I understand that she is entitle to move and we are grown and we are not her responsibility, but if she's going to move, move and stop talking about it, I guess I'm upset about her switching personalities, one day she wants to move and then the other day she goes and say things like, I wouldn't leave my grand children. She needs to Stop flip flopping!

I hope yall can understand what I'm trying to say, because, I'm kind of confuse on her motives, since we been living in this apt, which it's only been 1yr and let me say this about my mother, she have a history on moving, she gets bored and just pack her stuff and move, like she is rich, my grandmother says she is unstable and really she is, I'm just so upset by her, she will find some minor things wrong with an apartment and get mad and be ready to move and my husband tells her that, she will never find a perfect place, not even if she buys her a home, something will break down, so I guess now this is one of her bored moments, but she don't understand the effect she puts on us.

It's always a time, either I'm working or my husband is not or either, he's working and I'm not, either way, who ever is working, we pay half of the bills and our half of the rent and pay the majority of the food and at this moment neither one of us are working yet.

So I don't understand why she decides now, she wants to move again and right now, she packed up half of her stuff and she don't have a dime saved to move, our lease is not over yet, she's walking around here talking about what I can have of hers and I just look at her and me, being the person, I can be at times, I just give her one of these looks like...are you kidding me and she will walk away, she told me the other day that I can have all her dishes, I was on the computer and I turned around and I told her... you are really getting besides yourself, you need to keep your own dishes, you only get a Social Security check, you are not rich, beside I have dishes still packed of my own in the garage, I don't want your dishes.

I think she is crazy and I do understand that she is my mother, but shit the truth is the truth and I'm sorry, but what I'm going to do is pray for her, because I understand her wanting her own place, because I really want my own also, but we keep telling her, the way the government is working, they can easily cut her check and she will not be able to take care herself or a place of her own and really right now, she's not really able to live comfortably, a 2bedrm apt. here in Chicago is 700.00 and up and some don't come with utilities and she only receives 1000.00 a month, but she wants to do it on her own and she is my mother, I can't stop her, but what I do know is, when my family and I move into our own, she will never be able to move with me, I'm sorry but she can't, call me mean, but I haven't even begin to tell yall the things she does, that we have to put up with, I'm all about positivity and she's not, I don't like to gossip, she does, I like helping and feeding family, she doesn't and that's to name a few things, so I wish her well.

So, as of right now, my husband and I are quickly looking for a job, like we always have been and our lease is up in a month and she wants to be moved by the end of our lease, which puts us in a jacked-up position, jobs are not rolling in the way it use to be, but I will continue to pray and trust and believe in God, I'mma just roll with the flow, I told my husband he have to work hard for his family, he have to take care of us, we don't have time to be playing this is serious and even if she decides to change her mind again, I'm still leaving, because I can't deal with the flip flop, even if I have to take my kids and go to a Shelter, I'm leaving and I'm serious.

Back to the 2-2-2, the other day, I told my hubby, that we need 2 jobs (One for him and one for me) We need 2,000 bucks to move into us an apartment and have a little something extra and last but not least a 2 Bedroom apt.

Our goal is to have this by Nov 1, 2009, Do you think we can achieve this goal?

Through God, all things are possible!

I need yall to pray for us, I'm expecting a break through and not a break down!

God is so good and what ever happens, God is still Good and I will continue to praise and worship him.

I'm getting sleepy now, so until next time...

Peace & Love,
Brown Sistah

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