Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want a house!

You see this house, it's a beautiful house to me, Tell me what you think?

And also...Can anybody guess where this house is located?

Look out for me in the future, Brown Sistah will have a spot like that or even better!

Ok, Guess the location.

Talk 2 ya soon!
Brown Sistah


Tazzee said...

I guess metro-Atlanta. Not just because that's where you'll be living in the future but because that looks like a house in an Atlanta neighborhood.

I pray you get your heart's desire. Now that I have a fiance, I can get a house again too. After my last house I decided no more homes until I had a husband - the maintenance wore me out.

BrownSistah said...

Hey Girlfriend, This house is in Fairburn, Ga. I visit a lot of Real Estate websites because I love viewing homes,(because I vision myself in one of my own some day) sometimes I think I should be a Real Estate Agent.

Talking with Tami said...

if you dream it can come true i want the same thing that is a great looking house im guessing its atlanta where i live because sub divisions are everywhere here with houses like that!